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Multi-drop/skillloss-bug solved

This enerving bug has been solved with the last server update. Its effect was that a killed character used to lose skills and items repeatedly in short intervals. Now this will work as intended.

written by Vilarion on 14. October 2006 11:51 am


Disabling wide parts of the account system

From now on you do not have to write an application which is checked by the
Gamemasters in order to create a
player account in Illarion. As was the case in
the past. This means that everyone who enters a valid e-mail address and
confirms it can immediately create characters without having to wait
for their application to be accepted. Furthermore, there is no check of
the characters name anymore, which means that you just have to download
and install the client and can start playing.

We are aware of the fact that this step will bring, among the
intended advantages such as to get more players into Illarion, several huge
disadvantages. It will probably happen that characters with
inappropriate names will log in and that "problem
players" will enter the game and act in a disturbing way.

To act against this, we made several arrangements; the most important
and hopefully effective is that a program was developed which enables
every GM to see what's currently going on in Illarion. They can see who
is online, where characters are, what skills and stats they have (and
alter them), what they are actually saying and so on. The most
important thing is that they can ban players without being logged in
with the client (similar to a instant messenger like ICQ). Moreover, we
can also talk to players using that tool, explaining to them what they
might have done wrong and how to change their behaviour. See it as a
kind of mighty monitoring camera with additional functions to suppress
several negative effects.

Of course we expect that our established players help new players
from time to time wherever and whenever it is possible. We are about to
create an island for new players to take away a lot of that work from
these players by having an automatic processes ("tutorial island").

We want to point out that it's still necessary to write applications
for the new races, such as fairies (as it was before). The automatic
checks will only affect account applications and characters of the "old"
races, such as humans, dwarves and so on.

We realize that this "experiment" may also be a complete flop.
Therefore we have implemented a system which enables us to let all new
accounts and characters that were automatically accepted set back to a not
accepted state, meaning that they will once more have to write
applications to be able to play.

We ask you, the players of Illarion, to take this as an opportunity to
improve roleplay in the game
and hope that you see it this way. We ask you not to judge too
quickly and
see how things develop instead of judging in advance. We especially want to
ask you to not leave the game because of this step. It is you who will
play an important role in the equation. We rely on you because we need
your feedback to point at troublesome cases and, additionally,
because you try to help new players by showing them the most important
features and places of Illarion.

written by martin on 20. July 2006 03:22 pm


Character profiles

From now on there is the possibility to create individual character profiles.

In order to do this, you have to log in the account system and view the details of your character. There you can find a link, where you can edit this profile.

The profile is disabled by default. So you are able to enable and fill it, if you like.
The upload of a picture is also possible.

The fields before and behind the character name show the pre- and suffix of the character. If you change them here, they chance automatically IG, too.

Have fun with it.


written by Estralis on 24. June 2006 11:51 am


Major server/client update

The following changes did happen:

  • Smooth transitions between single map tiles

  • Bridges and many new items

  • New Race: Gnome

  • New Race: Fairy

  • New Race: Goblin

  • Due to drastic changes the old client is no longer useable

written by Vilarion on 18. June 2006 07:51 pm


Technical problems in the past two days

Due to technical difficulties our server was temporarily down, we appreciate your patience in this matter.

We were able to fix this problem and our server is now up and running again. Thank you for your continued patience!

written by martin on 09. June 2006 11:40 am