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Character profiles

From now on there is the possibility to create individual character profiles.

In order to do this, you have to log in the account system and view the details of your character. There you can find a link, where you can edit this profile.

The profile is disabled by default. So you are able to enable and fill it, if you like.
The upload of a picture is also possible.

The fields before and behind the character name show the pre- and suffix of the character. If you change them here, they chance automatically IG, too.

Have fun with it.


written by Estralis on 24. June 2006 11:51 am


Major server/client update

The following changes did happen:

  • Smooth transitions between single map tiles

  • Bridges and many new items

  • New Race: Gnome

  • New Race: Fairy

  • New Race: Goblin

  • Due to drastic changes the old client is no longer useable

written by Vilarion on 18. June 2006 07:51 pm


Technical problems in the past two days

Due to technical difficulties our server was temporarily down, we appreciate your patience in this matter.

We were able to fix this problem and our server is now up and running again. Thank you for your continued patience!

written by martin on 09. June 2006 11:40 am


Server and client update

As you surely noticed already, we updated both, server and client today. The recent changes include a new weather system, displaying daylight and an (in game) watch along with other changes which are clearly visible. There are no "hidden" features this time.

The next version will bring so much improvement that it will no longer be compatible with the old client.

written by martin on 04. June 2006 12:39 am


Bonus Level

I've hidden an easter egg on Illarion, a mysterious place you can only reach by... find out ingame! The first player who finds this place should drop me (Estralis) a note. Also, a treasure can be found there...

written by Estralis on 06. May 2006 03:14 pm