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maintenance work

As a result of maintenance work on the gameserver we will have some short breaks within the next two days. The breaks my last up to 10 minutes and will not be announced.
I regret and apologize for inconveniencing.

written by Falk on 16. January 2009 07:27 pm


New Druid System

The new druid system will be activated within the next few days. This is the first installment, in order to introduce the druid system sooner than later. For now we skimmed by with the graphics we have, but new graphics will be coming in the future.

For roleplay sake, the advent of the new druid system will be explained in a post on the RP forum, and will also be readable ingame.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I become a druid?
Currently all characters on the gameserver technically are set to the Wizard class. There will be a potion that resets your class to Druid. It's important that you're sure you want to be a druid if you use this potion, because there will be side effects that go along with it that cannot be taken back.

2. What happens to my skills, magic runes and attributes?
All skills but "Alchemy" will remain the same after the change. The Alchemy skill will be lowered by one half or no higher than 24 points. That means if you have under 48 skill points in Alchemy your skill will be halved. If your skill is higher than this it'll be lowed to 24. This will be done for the sake of balance at the start of the system.
Once you become a Druid, all magic runes you might have will be deactivated.
All attributes will remain as is.

3. Where can I get my basic equipment?
The equipment needed for a druid can easily be found ingame. If it can't be crafted by players it's available from our NPC merchants.

Closing Words:
The Druid system is under constant development; Alchemy is only the first installment. The formulas of potions are game secrets that shouldn't be published, ingame or out, and at the very most should be left as word of mouth. Sophisticated potions should not be sold at a loss as mass products but handled as luxuries because of their scarceness and the expense of production. Recipes are trade secrets and ensure the income of a druid. If those recipes become common currency we reserve the right to change them for this reason.

We strove to bring new ways of having fun to the gameplay with this system, and did a lot of research and difficult work to do so.
We wish everybody fun and success in exploring the Druid system of Illarion and as always we're open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

written by Falk on 10. January 2009 03:16 pm


Druid Update

Currently we're adjusting the game server for the introduction of the new druid system.
One of the more important technical changes involves the druidic plants, which from this point will have individual quality values.
The plant's quality value will effect the quality of potions that could be made from it.
Unfortunately, as a side effect of this change, these plants will no longer be stackable in your inventory.

Since this change will disadvantage those who collect many plants for reasons other than crafting alchemical potions, we've implemented the ability for players to 'dry' plants on wooden plates. Drying plants in this way will lower the quality of the plants to the same low level, making them stackable. In that state they'll be able to be used for all previous uses without any difficulties, however their use in potions will be hindered by their low quality.

Each wooden plate can only be used to store one kind of plant. In later updates wooden plates will be replaced with a reed basket, which we unfortunately at this point don't have the graphic for.
To store the plant use it with the plate. Afterwards just use the plate to remove any plants from the plate.

Any further changes caused by the new druid system will be added to the news when needed.
We apologize in advance for any unexpected changes that may occur as a result of the new druid system.

written by Falk on 05. January 2009 10:42 am


Balancing the fighting system

Today there was a small update that put some fixes at the fighting system in place. Beside of the fixing of major calculation misstakes (heavy armors made you hitting faster), the effect of the armors and weapons got increased. The difference between weapons and armors should be visible alot more now.

Have fun trying the changes and I hope to get some feedback related to this update.

written by Nitram on 29. December 2008 09:53 pm


Merry Christmas

The staff of Illarion wishes a merry christmas to all players and pensive days.

Also we want to say thank you to the players who stay at Illarion over all the good and bad times and make Illarion at the end to what it is.

Merry Christmas

written by Nitram on 24. December 2008 02:13 pm