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Registration for the 24th Illarion RL meeting

The 24th Illarion RL meeting takes place in Friesen Germany from October 3rd to October 6th 2013. The registration is open and there are still free spots.

Further information and registration are on the board.

written by Nitram on 15. August 2013 04:08 pm


New News System

Hello everyone,

today a new system for publishing news on the Illarion homepage was released. For the player it is not much of a change, but it improves the conditions for the authors. For example it is not possible anymore that the homepage stops working because a single news entry was faulty.

The news system now in place uses BBCode to format the entries. The very same code is used on the forums. Bold text as well as italic text can now be used without any problems.

Furthermore the new system uses a "hyphenator". This script places invisible separator characters between syllables to allow the browser to hyphenate the words properly and print a nicer looking justification.

Along with the news system our Facebook page is now active as well. All news posts on the homepage are also displayed on the facebook page with a slight delay.

Enough about the news system. Have fun playing Illarion.

... and don't forget "liking" us.

written by Nitram on 15. August 2013 01:16 am


Dragons Call No. 23

New Dragons Call.

Topics this Time:

  • Oeceanic Dreams
  • Sacrifice assumed
  • Quiet Summer

written by Djironnyma on 09. August 2013 09:51 pm


Public Test Server

Hello all,

with great excitement we announce the new public test server. You can now copy your characters from the game server to this new server in order to test additions to the game which are about to be released with the next update. To copy a character, log into your account on the website and select "Copy character to testserver" at the bottom of your character list. When you log into the testserver make sure to check out the available GM commands with the !? command.

The website also features two new entries in the server section to help you with testing. The first one displays the status of the testserver and a click on it will directly start the development client. Make sure to select "test server" as server. The second one is a direct link to Mantis, listing all issues currently available for testing. You can look these up, to see what you can test. Whether you share your test results or just want to be tuned into the newest development efforts, you are very welcome to check out this new server.

Hopefully this will contribute to more transparency in day-to-day development and also involve you even more into this process.

Happy testing!

written by Vilarion on 02. August 2013 04:10 am


Dragons Call No. 22

New Dragons Call.

Topics this Time:

  • Galmair in economic distress
  • Feast of sacrifice for Brágon
  • Magic ring created

written by Djironnyma on 01. August 2013 11:31 pm