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Server Update (

Dear Illarionites,

just now we installed a new server to fix the bug behind a recent crash.

written by Vilarion on 20. July 2013 06:53 pm


Dragons Call No. 20

New Dragons Call.

Topics this Time:

  • Order creates Meriniumgolems
  • Consultation day
  • Act of trust

written by Djironnyma on 17. July 2013 01:33 am


Daily Profit - Issue 2

Daily Profit

Local Topics:
Runewick bans Galmair citizens
2nd annual black hole race a success
Irmorom appoints highpriest Tialdin

Special interest -Mining Safty
Faction Traders
Merchant of the Month
Crafting Corner (Tanning)
Free Classifields

written by Djironnyma on 13. July 2013 09:46 pm


Dragons Call No. 19

New Dragons Call.

Topics this Time:

  • Morgan ensures safty
  • Laws of Runewick
  • No rain for months

written by Djironnyma on 08. July 2013 10:34 pm


GM Revan Returns

I look forward to seeing you all in-game and working with GM Skamato to make Cadomyr the best it can be. If you need to contact me:

  • Email me at
  • Or Send a PM to Revan on the forums

written by Revan on 08. July 2013 03:56 pm