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Shape Illarion!

In spite of all dangers and problems the citizens of Galmair have completed their tunnel project. They will celebrate the grand opening on Saturday evening (European time).

Do it the same way: Rise to all challenges and shape Illarion after your vision!

written by Djironnyma on 12. September 2013 07:09 pm


Dragons Call No. 27

New Dragons Call

Topics this time:

  • Galmarian citizen sentenced
  • Nargun plays
  • Faculty opening soon
written by Djironnyma on 11. September 2013 01:39 pm


Content Patch

Dear players,
Today we upload a big update. It contains among other things:

  • Galmair has new citizens: a gambler, a counterfeiter and a treasure map saleswoman.
  • A gem output bug was fixed
  • It is now possible to throw dice with a dice cup. There are 6 and 20-sided dice. You can buy it from Borgate.
  • There are a lot of new questlogs.
  • The weight of some resources has been adjusted.
  • Some changes to the crafting system have been done. It is now possible to earn high crafting skills without pure elements.
  • There was a rework of the fighting system and of many items. There are three new armour skills and armour and weapons now require a certain skill level to use them properly.
  • Every town has a trainer now, who can alter attributes permanently.
  • The towns now have the possibility to demand foreigners buy a licence in order to be able to use the towns' tools.
  • Exclamation and question marks now indicate where you can find or continue quests. They are shown above NPCs, items or tiles and on the mini map.
  • The map is updated.
written by Merung on 10. September 2013 02:00 am


You choose: next development steps

Project leader Vilarion started a forum poll in which you can vote for the next devlopment steps.

written by Djironnyma on 06. September 2013 09:18 pm


New client version 2.1.8

Hello players,

Today there was another update of the client. The update mainly fixed bugs. For example, the bug that instantly crashes the client in case more than two movement keys are pressed is gone now. Also, a major error in the error reporting system (yes, we can see the irony in that) is now fixed. This error caused the network interface of the client to remain active while the rest of the client crashed. For this reason the character did not get logged out until the java process was terminated by hand.

The other changes mainly focus on the quest markers. For now its possible to see the targets of the current quest on the mini map and now also on the game screen.

In case you don't like the quest markers, you can disable them as you see fit. There are two new options to do so.

Have fun with the new client.

written by Nitram on 04. September 2013 09:06 pm