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Merry Christmas

Illarion wishes you all a peaceful, merry Christmas and a good start to the new year.

We thank all players for your commitment to Illarion, for all the emotions and creativity you invest into your roleplay, and for all the good proposals for the improvement of the game.

We thank all staff-members for lots of good work you invested into the game in the past year. We look forward to the many projects in 2016 and wish you much enthusiasm and joy in realising them.

written by Djironnyma on 24. December 2015 09:49 pm


Maintenance update 29th November

Dear players,

today, we release a new update that fixes some minor issues.

  • The ranges for attributes, age and weight of the player races were reworked. This only affects new characters.
  • Several items with ambiguous names were renamed.
  • Problems with endless monster streams in the Ronagan Dungeon were resolved.
  • The level of some monsters spawned by gathering actions has been lowered.


Discuss this news entry!

written by Estralis on 29. November 2015 10:17 pm


Update: Assorted Improvements

Dear players,

With today's update, we release various improvements of the game:

  • Hints on the FAQ and mental capacity were added to the tutorial
  • Some texts of the notary NPCs were made more clear
  • Characters that are banned from their home town are now resurrected at the Hemp Necktie Inn
  • Characters now issue an emote when they die
  • A problem with repairing was fixed
  • Cone attacks of monsters (e.g. dragon's breath) does not cause extraordinary damage anymore
  • Transformation potions will no longer leave you bald after their effect ended.
  • Removed mentioning of Moshran from drow cycle texts to adjust them to the actual background.
  • Four new food items were added to the game. Chicken meat and rabbit meat can now be smoked at the smoker and venison meat and lamb meat can be grilled at the cook fire.
  • Livestock spawns in Yewdale were adjusted to prevent spawning in a locked building.
  • Viola Baywillow will now tell of Galmair's crafts if asked about the town.
  • The Cadomyr second level flats received balconies.
  • The time between player death and player resurrection is reduced to 10 seconds.
  • The boss at Igruk's mountain has been changed to a Demon Skeleton rather than an Unholy Acolyte.

Have fun,

written by Estralis on 06. November 2015 08:18 pm


Game content and client update

Dear Illarion players,

Today's update brings you the following new features:

  • All chickens have a small chance of dropping feathers now.
  • Fish Fillet Dish was renamed Trout Fillet Dish.
  • Raw steaks are no longer able to be made from pork. The price of Raw Steak and Grilled Steak have been adjusted to be in line with other meat prices.
  • NPC Ssiguss has been added east of Galmair, offering a non-hunting quest.

The following updates were made to the client:

  • A new button to toggle the minimap has been added. This can also be done with the 'M' hotkey.
  • A button to access the logout dialogue has been added. This can also be accessed with the 'esc' hotkey.
  • Changing the volume of music and sounds will take place immediately.
  • A few bugs were fixed.

Have fun!

written by Merung on 12. October 2015 08:15 pm


An update for the quest with the so-called Fire Demon

Dear people haunted by the fire demon,

Today's update brings a feature to progress the quest with the so called "Fire Demon", the burnt skeleton loved by everyone. The exact content of the update is a secret, of course! Will you find out to what fiery deeds he is up to?

Have fun and don't get burnt!

written by Merung on 07. October 2015 01:38 pm