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Lethal consequences

As there was a discussion about how to roleplay a resurrection and especially how long one should play being injured or unable to e.g. fight, one has now to face the consequences for dying too early after a resurrection.

If one dies within a RL hour after the last resurrection, the recovery time is doubled (compared to normal).

If one dies within the recovery time itself, the last recovery time is doubled. This means, that it will raise exponentially when constantly dying within the recovery time.

This way the engine gives a guideline for appropriate post-mortem roleplay.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM in the forum.

written by pharse on 25. February 2010 03:26 am


New Gamemaster

We are happy to announce that we can welcome two new Gamemaster in our midst. Both will be entertaining you with quests but can of course also be contacted when you have problems with the game or other players.

So everyone, please welcome our two newest Gamemaster Zot and Flux.

Our Questing Team now consists of the following Gamemaster:


Please feel free to contact any of them when you have ideas about Quest or need assistance in one.

written by Lillian on 04. February 2010 08:52 pm


Merry Christmas and a happy new year

The staff of Illarion wishes a merry and pleasant christmas to all players.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank our players for staying with us, as one large community, in good and bad times alike.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2011!

written by kadiya on 26. December 2009 01:15 am



Fellow Illarionites,
the Illarion e.V. society has decided that from now on only members of the society and active contributors can post on the proposal board. Still, everyone can read what is being discussed there. This happens due to two main reasons:

Currently, the developers of Illarion bundle a very big update of changes to the game, including various proposals of the past. Implementing this update has main priority and currently, there is simple few to little manpower available to implement new things that one could propose.

Also, the quality of proposals on said board is persistently low so that barely anything was ever taken into consideration what was posted there. Instead, a lot of time was spend by staff members to moderate, read and, sadly, decline the vast majority of threads. As a matter of fact, most developers ceased reading the board entirely.

This does not mean the Illarion e.V. or the developers are no longer interested in your opinion on the game. We're usually available via the Illarion chat to discuss the game and its content and you can send your well prepared proposals to any developer instead of posting them in public. Interesting suggestions will, of course, then be discussed by the staff and implemented.

Furthermore, for obvious imbalances and bugs, we ask you kindly to use the Mantis Bugtracker:

GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 13. December 2009 07:55 pm


New rules

In our ongoing development of every aspect of the game, also the social part of the game and its environment is affected. We felt that our rules were unclear on many fronts and so we saw the need to come up with some new rules that do not confuse everyone as much as the old ones did.

The new rules replace the old ones entirely. They contain some of the old rules with changed wording and some new rules clarifying situations that were not covered by the old rules.

In addition there is a code of conduct that describes the way we expect everyone to act within the community of Illarion.

You can read the new rules here: Click me!

They should speak for themselves. Please read them carefully.

written by Nitram on 12. November 2009 05:10 pm