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Another week, another update

Hello players,

This week there is another update to improve the state of Illarion.

Effected by this update are the loader, the client, the game contents and the map.

The loader contains a small fix to improve the compatibility with MacOS X. Hopefully it works now properly.

The client contains some fixes for MacOS X as well. In addition to that, the library that takes care for creating the graphical user interface was updated to Nifty-GUI 1.4.1. Furthermore, the function of the ESC key got improved, the graphics engine has less problems rendering in case a character moves over a bridge, the network link has less problems encoding texts that should prevent any text from getting lost during transfer. Also the speed of the item containers got improved and the way the client reacts in case the connection to the server is lost.

On the map and the game content there are the following changes.

  • Made some changes in the bandit hideout.
  • Minor adjustment made to the necro hideout.
  • Markerstones added to a few new map structures.
  • Ambient triggers added to cistern dungeons.
  • The weight of meats has been standardized.
  • Random tools in the wild have been removed and replaced with one of each tool type that has a special name.
  • Small change in Galmair's sewers, widened two tunnels and repaired some inconsistent wall graphics.
  • Updated some walls in Galmair, improving appearance.
  • Items for the launch of Akaltut's Dungeon have been placed around the map to encourage player interaction and allow them to help shape the flow of the quest.
  • An addition to the map, including a new npc with a quest, was added to the homeland of Cadomyr. Near the clay pits.
  • Raised learning limit for combat.
  • Fixed a problem that caused monsters at treasure hunts to be spawned in a straight line.

Have fun with this new version of Illarion!

written by Nitram on 06. February 2015 01:16 am



Hello players,

Today there were again a lot of updates.

The Client got improved support for MacOS X and some minor bug fixes. Notable is that the bug that prevented the chat log to be expanded is now gone.

The launcher got some updates that effect the display of the news and especially the quests in case there is no time set for the quest or there is no translation to the title.

The map and the game contents got more extensive changes:

  • Coins now display exact amount in description when looked at (mouse hovers over them)
  • Bottles fixed - Can pour from them again and they display correct liquid levels
  • Repair NPC was added to the Hemp Necktie Inn
  • Wonderland has been modified
  • Some changes were made to the Necro-hideout dungeon
  • New Bandit Hideout dungeon added in Elstree Forest
  • More locations added to the random treasure chest spawns
  • Special events for gathering removed from the prison mine
  • NPCs Saren Eisenfaust & Truciolo Pialla were modified to interact with players who have skills higher than level 80
  • Minor addition made to NPC Borgate Northoff
  • The slime feeding quest in Runewick now uses white eggs that can be collected in the wild
  • Treasure maps are now able to be dug while in your bag
  • The monster number in "Buccaneers Lurk" was reduced

Have fun with these new additions to the game.

written by Nitram on 24. January 2015 11:29 pm


New Launcher:

Hello Players,

It has been a long time since the last update of the launcher for Illarion.

In this new version the speed to detect the current version of the application has been improved and the launcher now stays open after an application is launched.

In addition to that, there was an update of the installation application used by the launcher. The new version 6.0.1 contains a lot of improvements, many of them for the MacOS X operating system. At this point we'd like to say thanks again to the people over at ej-technologies who provide us with this software for free.

The version of Java that is bundled with the launcher was also updated to Java 1.7 update 72. The update closes some security problems in Java, but those problems are not relevant for Illarion. However, better safe than sorry.

We also want to remind you that the support for Windows XP is running out soon. Oracle will drop the support of Java 7 at the end of April 2015. This means we will perform an update to Java 8 at the beginning of May 2015 and Java 8 does not support Windows XP anymore.

written by Nitram on 18. January 2015 05:29 pm


Discuss the news!

Dear players,

We established a new forum where you can discuss about the latest Illarion news. With this, we want to involve you even more than before in the development process of Illarion. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to it! You can find the forum here:

Tell us about your impressions and do not hesitate to post wishes concerning future updates. What features do you want to see with the next update?


written by Estralis on 17. January 2015 12:12 pm


Small update

Dear players,

We did a small update to improve some of the new features of yesterday's update or to add some missing things.

  • The counting of digged treasures for the High Scores works again.
  • Guards of treasures will now look in a very angry manner towards the treasure when it is digged up.
  • Dying is working properly again. Equipment may be damaged.
  • Monsters that spit fire, ice or poison will not be harmed by what they spit anymore.
  • A typo in the description of the collectable mugs was fixed.
  • A new sub forum was created for discussing news.
    written by Merung on 16. January 2015 09:13 pm