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A newsletter containing the following topics went out:

Client status
Server status
Account system
New Gamemaster: Estralis Seborian

written by Estralis on 18. November 2004 10:27 pm


Illarion, in its new legal form - The student project becomes a registered society

At the Autumn Real Life meeting in Bamberg, on the 23rd of October 2004, the Illarion registered society was joined. The society serves the common good, and will aim to keep online role playing games free.

The student project of three people; Alatar, Baldur and Bror, in 1997 at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich became the world of Illarion, which has been perpetuated by a multitude of gifted and benevolent staff in the past four years. Gradually over this period, the contributors to the project have added and improved a large proportion of the programming, scripting, graphics and sound featured in the project today. Each addition to the project can be accredited to different contributors, who hold the copyrights for them, and should they leave and withdraw those rights, then Illarion would no longer be playable. This cannot remain so. Thus, all rights will be signed over to the registered society, which in turn will safeguard the project's source code and programming, and finally safeguard Illarion in the future.

The further development of Illarion, and the technical and organisational requirements for this, make it necessary for us to procure our own server capacity, the cost of which should not fall solely upon those who already work so hard on expanding and maintaining Illarion. The income from society membership, and contributions, would support the Illarion maintenance costs, and legally safeguard the project. Illarion will remain free for all players, each contribution to the project will be considered as honorary participation, and the project will avoid commercialisation.

As chairman of the committee of the Illarion registered society, the society founders have unanimously elected Alatar. Other positions include Aragon Bel Galwan as treasurer and Falk vom Wald as secretary. The members of the committee are elected to their position for three years. Sun Long and Galdriel will act as treasury auditors.

The society will be known, along side the members of staff who support the project through yearly donations. More information will be posted in the near future. Further information and the charter of the society will be posted in a special board on the forum, available for all to see. Future members will be presented there in small announcements also.

Additionally, at the foundation meeting, it was decided to keep the players informed of the development of the project in the future using a new email newsletter.

written by Alatar on 27. October 2004 07:55 pm


Illarion is online again!

After several days, the problems with the server are solved now. Everything works fine again.

written by martin on 28. September 2004 08:36 am


Server changes

We reached the conclusion that the server must undergo some fundamental and far reaching structural changes. During this phase there will be no changes on the server (except bugfixes and scripts).

The reason for the changes are the increasing problems with instability, which you surely noticed during the past weeks. Each additional change would decrease the server's stability, which cannot be a solution for the future---the longer we wait the more difficult it will become to carry out the needed changes.

You should not expect that these changes would bring any new features available for you. The changes will only lead to greater stability of the game. This will also have no effect on the known lag problem.

Over the past few weeks we implemented a lot of new features, many of which you do not know yet, so that it will of course be possible to surprise you. ;)

written by martin on 29. July 2004 10:29 pm


Client Version 25

After 543 days without client update, we release a new client today.
You will notice that a lot of graphics have changed, others are still the same and a lot of new graphics have been implemented.

There also are some technical changes and we had to compile two versions, one for Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the other one for Windows 98. The technical chances do however not affect gameplay directly.

Together with the new client, we updated the server as well, which will have influence on the gameplay. The consequences of death and dying have been changed, you will not lose skills so fast anymore and..., well, you will see. To prevent powergaming, skill learning was changed, too. Other changes will be discussed on the boards soon. - Windows 2k/XP client - Windows 98 client

written by martin on 18. July 2004 11:19 pm