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Dragons Call No. 14

New Dragons Call.

Topics this Time:
Transformed beings
New research findings
Wedding at Cadomyr

written by Djironnyma on 28. May 2013 03:13 am


New client (2.1.15) and new server version (

Dear Illarionites,

just now we published an update for the client and the server of Illarion.

In the client we resolved some small but annoying problems. Most noticable should be the change of the selection and trading dialogs. They got altered in size and their layout was fixed. By doing so the problem that caused the last entry of those dialogs to be partly hidden was resolved.

Furthermore there are two changes at the shortcut layout. The key Q now opens the quest log as well as J and the key B opens the bag that is carried by the character.

Also the double click detection was improved. The client now responds to double clicks a lot faster than before.

There were also some improvements of the GUI element for inventory/container slots. They should respond way faster now.

A minor visual problem that is present since the VBU was also resolved. Some items got altered in size while they were not meant to do so. Statues had this effect partly. The problem causing this is now resolved.

In addition to that a major error in the communication interface of the client got resolved. I can't tell what effects this error had. It could be responsible for all kinds of strange behaviour and connection problems, but it's also possible that by chance it had no effect at all. In any case, it's gone now.

Good news for the friends of data security. The passwords of the accounts are now encrypted before they are sent from the client to the server.

The changes on the server are mainly small bug fixes that improve the server stability. Also the support for the new bag function (key B) and the encrypted login were implemented.

written by Nitram on 26. May 2013 04:21 pm


High Scores

Dear Illarionites,

it is now possible to get an overview of exceptional characters in certain categories. For this purpose we added high scores. You can find them in the general section of our website. More categories will follow in the future.

Have fun and enjoy playing!

written by Vilarion on 25. May 2013 04:41 am


Just to say hello!

I've just joined the CMs so feel fee to get in touch... and make sure you get a free cookie from Achae on me.

written by Slightly on 11. May 2013 06:42 pm


Content Patch

Dear Illarionites,

today the following changes to game content have been activated on our server:

  • Tailor can now dye grey and white cloth with colored dye.
  • An error in the quest of Grakamesh has been fixed, which prevented finishing the quest.
  • Sowing seeds is now automated, which means that the character will look for the next free spot to sow seeds on its down.
  • The emote of monsters healing themselves has been removed.
  • The tailor merchant NPCs now sell and buy ropes.
  • Silver ore is now findable in mines and can be made into silver ingots.
  • Cadomyr has a new citizen, Dale Daeon. He can be found in the arena and provides those who are brave and strong enough with monsters to fight against for glory and fame. The arena will be opend during a quest on sunday.
  • The bug that you cannot become an alchemist has been fixed.
  • There is now the possibility to create alchemy recipes by using the quill. Once you have created such a recipe, you can use it infront of a cauldron.
  • written by Merung on 11. May 2013 01:48 am