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First Updates - Client 2.0.1

Hello fellow Illarionites,

this morning (7:00 am UTC) we published the first updates after the VBU. In detail the problem with the light calculations should be solved now. This problem also caused the screen to go dark from time to time. Furthermore the problems with the text input are solved now. Whispered text and shouted text is now send to the proper ranges. Also the problem that the cursor keys were not working upon startup of the client is fixed now.

The most visible change was done to the scaling of the avatar graphics. The problem was that exspecially halflings at the smallest size were extremly small. The smalltest possible size was not increased alot. At the same time we changed the size ranges of each race to fit the size of the actual graphics. Two character with different races but with the same size set in the characters information will not appear at the same size in the game. Some characters got altered in order to fix the the new limit values. This effects very large and very small characters of all races.

written by Nitram on 03. January 2013 03:17 pm


Newly created characters

Hello fellow Illarionites,

during the last days there were a few bugs fixed in the account system. Those bugs effected the creation of new characters.

All characters that got created earlier then yesterday (2013-1-1) 9pm UTC won't have the skills they usually get with the starter packs. Other then that the characters are fine but in case you want those skills you have to create your character again.

Only two hours left to the launch of the server!

written by Nitram on 02. January 2013 05:10 pm


VBU Release - Today

Hello dear Illarion players,

today at 17:00 GMT the VBU will be released and the server will go live.

Enjoy the new world,


written by Vilarion on 02. January 2013 01:38 pm


VBU Release Date

Hello fellow Illarionites,

the final release date for our VBU will be Jan 2nd 2013, since the 1st is a holiday and many staff members will not be around.

Three days to go!

written by Vilarion on 30. December 2012 08:08 pm


Onwards to new shores

Hello dear Illarion fans!

Good news! Installation of the VBU is almost complete. We expect to open our server for your entertainment at January 1st 2013.

If you notice the server being on-line before that date and maybe someone running around there, this serves the purpose of some last minute polishing.

written by Vilarion on 28. December 2012 06:24 am