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Start of the new Account System

The new account system starts right now. You can access it via or the link at the homepage. Inside the system you
can create an account which can be used to add up to five characters. Players
who already have played Illarion can add their old characters (without answering
further roleplay questions) after creation of an account.

With browsers like Firefox or Opera shouldn't be problems, but Internet Explorer
behaves strange sometimes. If you encounter white web pages so please reload
this page (F5) or click the button at the right of the URL bar.

If you have questions or get problems please send an email to

You can only play with the new accounts after you have received another
newsletter announcing the start of the new game server. The old one is online
until the end of this (German :-)) day.

written by Alatar on 23. April 2005 08:06 pm


Homepage moved to the new server

Maybe some of you have noticed already that the movement of our homepage
happened during the last days. The forum was completely transferred
and it is available again at

After the domain movement all * email addresses are working
properly again.

The statistics at the upper right corner of the homepage will be included
after the game server is transferred too.

There are some additional subdomains which can be used:

As soon as you can apply for an account with the new accountsystem (via
last named subdomain) you will be informed by the staff.

written by Alatar on 19. April 2005 01:41 pm


New Server

Once again, we have some great news to announce:

The new Illarion-server has been ordered, paid-for and was handed over recently. Thanks to you, Illarion's community, we were able to buy this new computer; By your generous donations we were granted the possibility to make this investment. However, to buy the new server we had to raise a small loan (ex interest), which means that we still need some more money. Details on how to donate can be found here:

Donation details.

And now for the technical details: This is a system with two Xeon 2,8 GHz processors, 2 GB DDR-RAM, 2 x 80 GB HD in Raid 1 and some more nice hardware. Everything was assembled in a 1-HU high 19"-rack and is equipped with five extremely powerful, and hence loud, coolers.

We have a 36 month full hardware guarantee. We bought the whole thing (incl. assembling, configuration, optimizing and some tests) at a price of 2400 Euro.

Of course we do not want to keep the pictures that we took from you:

The new server in it's original wrap...

... and then without it.

The front view.

Booting it the first time...

And here in its future place.

Currently we prepare the server for it's future purpose, which means that the operating system (Debian linux) was installed and will now be configured.

written by martin on 28. March 2005 08:05 am


The Illarion Installer

From now on, the current client comes with an installation program. The installer unzips the files, creates shortcuts and offers the possibilty to uninstall Illarion (what you will never do, right?). Still, Illarion does not change your registry or creates files outside the Illarion-folder.

written by Estralis on 13. March 2005 05:10 pm



Like you can surely see in the upper right corner of this very page, the online status display does not work. It actually shows one single player, Alatar.
This is not correct. Even the online viewer, which uses the same ressources, does NOT work at the moment.
So, if you want to find out who is online now, you will have to login and look around.
Shi'voc and Alatar are working on it.

written by Damien on 28. December 2004 05:45 pm