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The Illarion Installer

From now on, the current client comes with an installation program. The installer unzips the files, creates shortcuts and offers the possibilty to uninstall Illarion (what you will never do, right?). Still, Illarion does not change your registry or creates files outside the Illarion-folder.

written by Estralis on 13. March 2005 05:10 pm



Like you can surely see in the upper right corner of this very page, the online status display does not work. It actually shows one single player, Alatar.
This is not correct. Even the online viewer, which uses the same ressources, does NOT work at the moment.
So, if you want to find out who is online now, you will have to login and look around.
Shi'voc and Alatar are working on it.

written by Damien on 28. December 2004 05:45 pm


Worm Attack

Due to a worm attack some services are currently not available. The game itself runs fine, though.

More about this can be found on the board.

written by Estralis on 23. December 2004 10:36 pm



From now on it is possible to donate for the server. Pleas read the details in Aragon's posting on the general board.

written by martin on 23. November 2004 08:15 pm



A newsletter containing the following topics went out:

Client status
Server status
Account system
New Gamemaster: Estralis Seborian

written by Estralis on 18. November 2004 10:27 pm