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New client version 2.1.7

Dear Players,

Just now a new client version has been released. This version mainly contains bug fixes and some preparations for the upcoming game content update.

Notable bug fixes remove the error that prevented some players from changing the volume in the game. Also, mini map handling was improved and switching map levels was speeded up again.

This client version also contains changes that were suggested during the FeenCon. Movement using WASD is now possible again. However, you can disable this in the client options. Also, the chat line now disables itself after one line has been written. This change can be undone as well using a new option.

Character movement has been improved considerably. It is now possible to move with two keys. So pressing cursor up and left will move your character in a diagonal direction.

Have fun with the new client.
Bugs that turn up can be reported in Mantis as usual.

written by Nitram on 30. August 2013 02:12 pm


[Cadomyr] Emissary from Ann-Korr

From the distant lands of Ann-Korr an emissary has arrived beseeching a trade agreement with Cadomyr. Rumors spred from his ship that the Albarian Empire has fallen on hard times.

written by Revan on 29. August 2013 01:39 pm


Dragons Call No. 25

New Dragons Call.

Topics this time:

  • Attack on Runewick
  • Occupied trade route
  • New Galmairian Newspaper
written by Djironnyma on 27. August 2013 10:08 am


Traps, raids and propaganda!

The terror of the seas has landed, corsair Flinn brings chaos and harm over the three major cities. Watch the quest calender on the online list and help Illarion to capture the pirate!

written by Djironnyma on 22. August 2013 05:06 pm


Illarion at RatCon

Dear players,
once again Illarion will be presented at a roleplaying convention. Next weekend (from Aug. 30th until Sept. 1st) we will be at RatCon in Unna near Dortmund. We will show Illarion to interested roleplayers and give them the option to test it. So don't be confused when you see some unexperienced visitors in the game.

If you live close to the place we would be glad if you visit us!

written by Djironnyma on 21. August 2013 01:12 pm