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VBU Teaser Video

Everybody is working really hard on the VBU. So to show you what goes on, Rincewind created a little video with the new client and music written for it by Oganalp. Maybe or hopefully some of you get motivated to help scripting NPCs or quests when they get a glimpse at how the VBU will be like. You can even switch to Full HD and fullscreen. Keep in mind that everything, including the interface may still be changed. Enjoy!

written by Vilarion on 19. April 2011 11:08 pm


Character specific sounds

[April Fools' joke]
Fellow Illarionites,
while development of the so called "very big update" makes good progress, we'd like to inform you about a new feature that needs your support.

As you might know, Illarion will feature an awesome sountrack, composed by Oganalp Canatan, see:

The music will be played individually for each player, depending on the location. With a small tweak in the server code by vilarion it will be possible to trigger sound effects in a likewise manner.

One application of this is to play character specific sound effects which are played for all surrounding characters. This might include battle cries, greetings or even swearing.

In order to include your sound effects in the new client that will be released with the VBU, we ask you to send your self recorded sound effects in time to Please mind the format requirements:

Waveform, 48000Hz, min. 1000kbps, 16 bit, Stereo, maximum length 3s

GM Estralis[/April Fools' joke]

written by Estralis on 01. April 2011 04:34 pm


100.000 accounts

Fellow Illarionites,
Illarion broke the barrier of 100.000 registered players since the "char wipe"!

Welcome to "Lady_Soren"!

GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 28. March 2011 05:45 pm


Improving the forumsecurity

Fellow Illarionites,
in order to improve the security of the forum, some additional measures were taken. We expect these measures to reduce the number of spambots that flood the forum with advertisements.

Due to these changes, some of you might need to change the password used for the forum. Please chose a new password with at least 8 characters, including letters and numbers.

Also, a "captcha" system was installed to avoid spambots from registering. If you encounter any problems, please contact a forum administrator.

written by Estralis on 16. February 2011 05:08 pm


Minor update

With the continous recent inprovements in Illarion, several small changes were made to the game. Many of you might have realized that there are some new spawnpoints, mainly concepted to give groups of players a better possibility to hunt monsters.

There have also been removed certain bugs while some small new features were implemented.

We hope you like everything we did.

Take it as a little sneak peek on the VBU.

written by Zot on 04. February 2011 10:18 pm