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Neues Update (Client, Server, Scripts)

Fellow Illarionites,

Just now a update was published that improves Illarion further.

On the server side we fixed a error that caused problem while saving the character. This error caused that player character lost their items and logged in at different placed then they logged out.

The client got a improved behaviour of the mouse movement. While the character is running towards the mouse, it has the limited ability to avoid obstacles along the way. We hope that the mouse movement becomes a little easier this way. Also we changed the color of the name tags of the characters. They do not depend on the characters equipment anymore, but on the type of the character. Player characters are shown yellow, NPCs are shown blue and monsters are shown red.
Furthermore we improved graphical user interface together with void, the developer of the Nifty-GUI. This should improve the speed the GUI elements appear on the screen but exspecially it should improve the mouse interaction with the GUI. The problem that many players were not able to use any items in the inventory or the bag should be gone now.

In the server scripts the usage of buckets and bottles got improved. Filled buckets are now stackable. For the smokers among the characters we got good news as well. The pipes are working again. Besides this there are many small bugfixes mainly for the crafts. Also the monsters appearing during gathlering items got rebalanced.

written by Nitram on 04. January 2013 03:23 pm


Bugtracker Mantis

Fellow Illarionites,

As you know we still have some bugs in the game.
If you wish to help us and want these bugs removed in the near future, then please help us by using our bugtracker mantis.

A guide for its usage is here: Mantis Guide

If you have general feedback (like: "Runewick is great!" or "I don't like teleporters!") then go on and post them in our forum.

written by Skamato on 04. January 2013 02:33 pm


Update of the start packages

Fellow Illarionites,
we just updated the start packages you can chose from during character creation. The packages are now much more clear and were designed in compliance with new influences of attributes on skills. In addition, new characters get some more items now.

Have fun with your new characters!

GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 03. January 2013 08:58 pm


First script update

As some of you might have noticed, did we have the problem that simple food items didn't have any effect on the foodlevel of your character.

This issue has been resolved with the server script update that just took place.

Have fun eating!

written by Lillian on 03. January 2013 07:33 pm


First Updates - Client 2.0.1

Hello fellow Illarionites,

this morning (7:00 am UTC) we published the first updates after the VBU. In detail the problem with the light calculations should be solved now. This problem also caused the screen to go dark from time to time. Furthermore the problems with the text input are solved now. Whispered text and shouted text is now send to the proper ranges. Also the problem that the cursor keys were not working upon startup of the client is fixed now.

The most visible change was done to the scaling of the avatar graphics. The problem was that exspecially halflings at the smallest size were extremly small. The smalltest possible size was not increased alot. At the same time we changed the size ranges of each race to fit the size of the actual graphics. Two character with different races but with the same size set in the characters information will not appear at the same size in the game. Some characters got altered in order to fix the the new limit values. This effects very large and very small characters of all races.

written by Nitram on 03. January 2013 03:17 pm