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Server issues resolved and moving the server

The problems that caused the character progress to be discarded are now resolved. The server is operating normally as it used to.

The homepage and the forums are operating normally as well.

That is the case until 21:30 GMT. At this point the server will be shut down and moved to a new data center. At around 5 o'clock GMT the server will be reachable again.

The homepage, the website and the forums will not be reachable during this time.

written by Nitram on 15. February 2017 06:51 pm


Login no longer possible

Dear players,

due to a technical issue with saving the progress characters make in-game, we had to disable the log in. You will be informed as soon as the error is fixed.

written by Merung on 15. February 2017 02:49 pm


Update of 9th February

Have fun!

  • Fixed thief quest. You can now poison the thieves' food again.
  • One of the gamemaster tools got a new function to entertain players even more!
  • Blackberry bushes now have their own graphic and are picked by harvesting the bush rather than using a sickle on a hedge.
  • A new NPC and content has been added near the Oldra altar in Yewdale.
  • The lizard and human races now have their own set of collectible mugs.
  • NPC Daniel Brock now responds to the trigger quest in the right language.
  • German names for smoked rabbit and smoked chicken have been corrected.
  • Galmair and Cadomyr alchemy teachers were moved to a more centralized location.
  • Bow shoots faster now.
  • The influence of agility on attack speed was reworked.
  • Pot ash is also traded by glass blowing NPCs.

Discuss this news entry!

written by Estralis on 09. February 2017 08:50 pm


Chos 50 - News about the roleplayed lives of Illarion.

What happened the last two weeks in game?

  • Cold steel at the warm mage spring – Robbery in Runewick
  • Beating rocks instead of nobles – Hew imprisoned
  • Dog of the Nobles - Lizard pet turned out to be Runewickan
  • Banned – Government of Galmair chased citizen away
  • Battered at home – Cadomyrian warriors slain at the market
  • Barricade maze – Reaching Galmair becomes difficult
  • Walls in danger – Beetle nest recognized
  • Slimy sand - Artesian well higher than the walls

Details you can find in our newspaper Dagbladden.

written by Banduk on 06. February 2017 11:15 am


Off-Topic Board removed

Dear players,

As the off topic forum had increasingly became a place for regularly posting insulting opinions about other players, developers, or the game itself, we decided to delete the forum and most of its threads to get the best results from our moderation efforts.

For qualitative feedback you can use Mantis or the proposal board. For all other posts concerning the game you can use the general forum. For small-talk the IRC chat and the Illarion Teamspeak server are available.

written by Djironnyma on 27. January 2017 08:35 pm