Links to the various projects that help provide Illarions foundations

The Illarion developers would like to recognise and thank all of the projects that have allowed Illarion to become what it is today. Below are links to these projects and a small description of how it has contributed towards the game.


Links to the various game lists that help promote Illarion

The following game sites have taken Illarion on to their listings. We would like to thank all those who support and appreciate imaginative games.



Link to the Debian website

Illarion uses the Debian operating system for its servers. Debian systems currently use the Linux kernel or the FreeBSD kernel.



Link to the Libgdx website

Libgdx is a Java game development framework that provides a unified API that works across all supported platforms. This allows the developers to create a game that can be played on various different operating systems without having to make drastic changes.


Oganalp Canatan

Link to Oganalp Canatan's official website

Oganalp Canatan wrote the main theme tune and large parts of the soundtrack for Illarion. The staff would like to thank him for his time and assistance.


Nifty GUI

Link to the Nifty GUI website

Nifty GUI is a Java Library that supports the building of interactive user interfaces for games or similar applications. This has assisted greatly with the development of the GUI currently in use within the game.



Link to the Oracle Java website - Java is the global standard for developing and delivering mobile applications, games, Web-based content, and enterprise software. It is used by Illarion to create the client that is capable of running on numerous operating systems.



Link to the Github website

Illarion uses Github to help ensure efficient collaboration between developers. Github is used by over 3 million people worldwide.



Link to the LWJGL website

LWJGL provides Illarions developers access to high performance cross-platform libraries such as OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL.


Apache Web Server (HTTPD)

Link to the Apache Web Server (A.K.A. HTTPD) website

Apache httpd has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April 1996. It is used to power the Illarion website.



Link to the CAcert website is a community driven, Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free. These certificates are used on the Illarion website and also in the game client.



Link to the Boost website

Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. These allow the developers to utilise their time more efficiently by using tried and tested libraries instead of writing everything from scratch.



Link to the Lua website

Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language. It is used to create the scripts for the NPCs, Alchemy system and it will also power the Magic system



Link to the PostgreSQL website

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity and correctness. It is used in all aspects of Illarion from the website, forums and game server.



Link to the pqxx website

libpqxx is the official C++ client API for PostgreSQL, the enterprise-strength open-source relational database. This allows the server to communicate with the database to store and retrieve data.



Link to the GCC website

GCC is a part of the GNU Project. It is used to compile the game server.



Link to the GPLv3 website

The GNU General Public License is a free, copyleft license for software and other kinds of works. A quick guide to GPLv3 can be found at



Link to the PHP website

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. It is used extensively in the creation and maintenance of the Illarion website.



Link to the phpBB website

phpBB is free and open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable. It is used to power the Illarion forums.


Mantis Bug Tracker

Link to the Mantis Bug Tracker website

MantisBT is a popular free web-based bug tracking system. It is used by Illarion as a tool to report bugs, suggest features and assign workloads to developers.



Link to the YourKit homepage

YourKit is a full-featured Java Profiler that is developed by YourKit, LLC.
YourKit is kindly supporting Illarion with free open source licenses for the Profiler. Besides the YourKit Java Profiler YourKit, LLC also develops the YourKit .NET Profiler.

Illarion uses the YourKit Java Profiler to identify problems and performance bottlenecks in the Java applications.



Link to the Install4j homepage

Install4j is a powerful multi-platform Java installer builder that generates native installers and application launchers for Java applications.

Illarion uses Install4J to generate the setup files.


Heise online

Link to the homepage

Heise is known for the serious German computer magazine c't. On the page for Illarion you can find a number of screenshots and even the downloader.


Computer Bild

Link to the Computerbild homepage

Computerbild is one of the most popular German computer magazines. The editorial staff took their own screenshots for the Illarion page .



Link to the Gamona homepage

Illarion is present with a short description.



Link to the GameFee homepage

"Pure role play". An external German description of lllarion. Don't forget to watch their video!


Link to the Giga homepage

The famous website rated lllarion with the highest grade - five stars! You can also rate Illarion on