Opensource Development


llarion is developed as Open Source Software. The sources of the Java software are released under GPLv3 while sources of server, maps and game content are released under AGPLv3. All sources are free for public usage. This page offers a list of the development repositories of Illarion.

Game Content Development

Game content are all quests, NPCs, monsters and e.g. the fighting system or the bevaviour of items. Most of our content is written in Lua 5.2 (plus an Illarion-specific extension) with the exception of almost all NPCs, which were created with our own language easyNPC. The editor for easyNPC is available via the game's loader.


Map Development

Game world maps form the landscape in which all characters move around. They describe tiles, items which form e.g. buildings and mountains, as well as background music for each area. The map editor is available via the game's loader.


Java Development

Illarion's user applications are written in Java. These applications are those pieces of software which may be installed on the user's computer. Client, easyNPC Editor, easyQuest Editor and Map Editor are developed with Java.


Server Development

Server development is all about creating the C++ server which runs on the actual hardware. All clients connect to the server program, which essentially controls the game.