The Gods of Illarion


here are many Gods, countless myths, and endless legends. The stories told by the Gods to a few chosen mortals may have changed through time, embellished by the tongues of priests and prophets that seek to glorify the actions of their chosen deity and ensure their place in history. The Gods do not care much about the details - as long as the story told is in their favour.

The Elder Ones

Not much is known about their origin, and they seldom let others know anything about their past. Some people claim to know the answer, but who knows if these stories are true. Most of the Elder Gods care little about the fate of Illarion and do not like to be disturbed by mortals, yet when they intervene and write history, their majestic radiance leaves no doubt about their power.


The Younger Ones

Ennobled by the Elder Gods to guard and guide the races of Illarion, the Younger Ones are deeply involved in life itself. In disguise or in person, they started to take sides in the struggle between the powers across Illarion. Instead of leading the different races and ensuring their peaceful coexistence, they themselves take part in the struggle, fighting for influence and power.