Tanora - Goddess of Water


anora is the goddess of the element water. In the native language of the lizardman she is called Zeshhel-pheey-arrr, which is almost unspeakable for the human tongue, hence the common name of Zelphia. Lizards have always known her by this name but other races have sometimes mistaken her for another goddess. Sadness has overcome her as the years have passed by. Patiently, she awaits things to come that only the gods may understand. Longing is associated with Tanora. She is the Elder God who most often walks amongst the mortals of Illarion, perhaps in search of something long lost to her. She appears as a lizardwoman or as an ageless mermaid of unadorned beauty.


Tanora dominates lizard society. Many of her temples are located along the coast or even underwater, the fallen temple in Snakehead Bay being one such example. As with all the Elder Gods, she is worshipped at the Temple of the Five, east of Galmair. There is also the Chapel of the Five, east of the Kantabi Desert, where the names of the Five are held in honour. As faith needs no house but one's mind and soul, she is also worshipped at many unremarkable sites along the coast of Illarion such as Cape Farewell, south of Cadomyr. Her altars can also be found in the cities of Cadomyr and Runewick.

Most Tanora believers are Lizards, sailors, or even elves, although many healers also pray to her. Her followers believe that she is a very powerful, righteous goddess. Since most of her lizard priests follow ancient traditions, some might be quite fanatic believers who crush evil beings wherever they can. Other followers are more peaceful in nature. Tanora followers believe that the world and magic are all one flow, and life springs from the touch of the Goddess. Upon death they will have to cross an almost endless sea. When they have been good beings, the Goddess may send them a boat to bring them ashore. Those who have done wrong must swim and carry a stone pile across the sea. For every sin in life a new stone is added to their pile. If the stone pile is too heavy, they must wait for others to show mercy and help them with their load. If they drown, the Goddess will send them back to live as an animal that serves the mortals until the guilt is cleansed.

Tanos - Month of Flood

The second month of spring is named after the creator goddess Tanora, who is supposed to be identical with the water-goddess "Zelphia" of the lizard people. Known as the month of floods, as the winter snows melt and rain falls the rivers surge with bountiful waters bringing life to parched soils and plentiful fish. Even in the coldest lands the last of the sea ice melts to open routes cut off for the winter, allowing ships to sail again and distant coasts to thrive. A harbour feast is held to celebrate in many coastal towns such as Runewick.

Sign of the Zodiac - The dreaming Dolphin

The Dreaming Dolphin

Dolphins often appear to be melancholic. They tend to dream of goals they cannot possibly reach and continuously quarrel with their fate. Typically they are also very calm, just, and possess good taste. They constantly seek the vicinity of their beloved and strive for attention and approval. Dreaming Dolphins are not the preferred companions of everyone, as they tend to be sad or worried. Those who are impatient will never understand the ways of a troubled dreaming Dolphin.