Eldan - God of Spirit


ldan is the god of the element spirit and is considered wisest of all. With his pensive attitude, one might consider him aloof and conclude that his mind left the world and he sought refuge in the ivory tower of his own thoughts. Wisdom is his mark, yet he prefers to remain quiet when others shout out their foolishnesses. Eldan may appear as a wise mage, scholar, beggar or even a drunken philosopher but he will always carry a wooden staff. He avoids the big cities or large crowds and prefers peaceful solitude, be it a place of learning or a remote tavern.


Eldan has never been very active amongst mortals. Very few people pray to him because he has rarely been seen in public and only a few know how to identify this god. His worshippers are secretive and there are strange rumours of him wandering around Illarion in disguise. People who follow him are often hermits, or those that love their wine with long philosophical discussions. These followers claim to have met Eldan personally, and instead of praying, they talk or discuss at forlorn places - or in Runewick. He is also worshipped at the Temple of the Five east of Galmair and the Chapel of the Five east of the Kantabi Desert. Many of those who traditionally would have followed the path of Eldan now pray to Elara.

Eldas - Month of Abstinence

Eldas was named after the creator god Eldan. This month is in all cultures a month of peace and comtemplation. People reminisce about things that life gave them and remember the less fortunate in their prayers. The more devout mark the month of abstinence to abstain from their beloved or some favourite item they possess in order to remember the worth of all during this time of Eldas.

The Halflings of Yewdale celebrate the last week of Eldas with the so-called "Burrow Days", remembering the resistance at the time of the fall of Firnismill. Traditionally they withdraw into the woods for the entire week and spend the nights in self-made burrows or hollows, only eating fruits of the forest as no fire is allowed. At the end of the week they return in an armed procession to their village creating a great clamour, thus symbolising the recapture of the areas seized by the orcs. More modern halflings that live in towns, along with the upper class of the race, modify this practice by erecting tents in their gardens or maybe an inner courtyard of their house. Sometimes even a meat dish may be served, yet care is made to elaborately decorate it with fruits and mushrooms.

Sign of the Zodiac - The prudent Owl

The Consistent Bear

People of this sign seem to be rather innocuous. They are reasonable, love books, and avoid any possible aggression. Their vast discretion keeps them from interfering with the lives of other people, even when their insight may be of such value. Prudent Owls are elusive creatures and would never push themselves to the foreground. The cultured individual may be born under this sign and are usually introverted, quietly studious and elect to avoid large gatherings.