Brágon - God of Fire


rágon is the god of the element fire who gave the sun and fire to the world. Those who met him speak of his imperious personality that does not tolerate a second opinion. Brágon is strong, noble and just, yet those who oppose his justice will face the most fearsome wrath of all the Elder Gods. He is said to have sparked all desires, not only those that are good but also the selfish yearnings in the souls of mortals. Brágon is associated with a certain preference for gold and he has exquisite taste. If Brágon ever decides to interevene amongst mortals, he may appear as a giant with a fiery red beard or as a dark-haired knight with his armour ablaze, althought typically he prefers to walk through Illarion in disguise.


Brágon is said to care least for Illarion of all the Elder Gods. Sometimes though, he will still visit, and he has built temples by himself. Few believers are known to worship him and to follow him is no easy path as to make a half-hearted offering to one with such expensive tastes will only incite rage. He has given Malachín power over many of his former worshippers. As with all the Elder Gods, he is worshipped at the Temple of the Five, east of Galmair. At the Chapel of the Five, east of the Kantabi Desert, High Priest Bathelor praises his Lord in Brágon's sanctum. People often ask for the scorching sun, to which Brágon gave birth, to be merciful during their travel through the desert.

Brás - Month of Immolation

Brás is named after Brágon, the third known creator god who brought the sun and fire to the world. Once known as the month of immolation, sacrificial burning is rarely practiced in Illarion these days. The longest day in the year, followed by the shortest night falls on the 24th of Brás. During this night elves celebrate the Feast of Fire, and small, carved pieces of wood carrying many candles can be seen floating on many lakes and rivers. Humans celebrate the month somewhat differently with long feasts held in Salkmar and Gynk where all kinds of artists demonstrate their skills. In Albar just the nobles tend to celebrate with their decadent feasts lasting through the whole of Brás. It is not unusual for there to be a special tax enforced in many Albarian regions to finance this.

Sign of the Zodiac - The noble Dragon

The Noble Dragon

Those who are born under the sign of the Dragon have a fiery temper and can be prone to rages. They are ambitious and intelligent. They usually achieve aspiring goals with ease, thus are prone to challenge their destiny too much. Their sense for justice and passion makes them good leaders. Noble Dragons tend to be commanding and impulsive, but with their elegance and grace, it is easy to fall for their charisma. It is no secret that Queen Rosaline Edwards of Cadomyr is a truly noble Dragon, born of the month of Brágon.