Ushara - Goddess of Earth


shara is the goddess of the element earth. Wise and calm, she is respected as mother of the world, quiet in speech yet with a kindly firmness. Her restrained personality rejects wealth or any other kind of transitory values. She favours those of simplicity and humility and is often close to nature. If Ushara ever appears on Illarion, she does so as elderly, black-haired, dark-skinned woman dressed in dark colours.


Ushura's believers are very few, most are old female druids or elves who have met her personally. She is very well respected among dwarven kind, but true admiration is rarely found. As with all the Elder Gods, she is worshipped at the Temple of the Five, east of Galmair. There is also the Chapel of the Five, east of the Kantabi Desert, where the name of the Five is held in honour. Remote locations such as Ushura's Spire, set deep in Sentry Forest serve as rare marks of her true following. The people of Runewick are known to show more respect for the Five than the citizens of Cadomyr or Galmair, but any miner who finds a gem in the Malachite Mine might be quick to thank Ushara for her creation with prayer. To foster her creation, she encouraged her followers to worship Oldra in the new temples.

Ushos - Month of Sowing

Ushos, named after the creator goddess Ushara, is the last month of spring and is known as the month of sowing. Farmers plant most of their crops at this time of year and the fields around Runewick and Galmair will be freshly dug with seeds sown by the end of the month. In Galmair they celebrate the "Crocodile Feast" from the 3rd to 17th Ushos. This is a huge, long-lasting street festival in which the people wear animal masks and consume large amounts of alcoholic drinks. Frequently guards have to rescue drunk or even drowned people from the swamps and brooks around Galmair. In Gynk, birthplace of Don Valerio Guilianni, there is even a rumour that the Crocodile Feast was so named because it is a feast for the crocodiles who lurk the stagnant waterways.

Sign of the Zodiac - The consistent Bear

The Consistent Bear

Those born in the month of Ushara are quiet and introverted people. They love nature, and material things hold only little value to them. They are family people and constantly strive for harmony. Balanced individuals who are quiet and wise are blessed by Ushara. With wisdom, there comes confidence and sometimes arrogance. Consistent Bears do not hesitate to pursue unconventional solutions and might stubbornly stick to their ways whilst the world about them changes. Rumour tells us that Archmage Elvaine Morgan of Runewick was actually born in the month of Ushos.