Findari - Goddess of Air


indari is the goddess of the element air. It is not in Findari's nature to be compulsive but as with any wind she gave change to the world - for better or for worse, that is always a matter of perspective. Kind in person, she is known as a friendly goddess without bad intentions. Those who do not understand her ways, however, won't regard the devastation by storms she brings as a chance to start anew, but as sheer destruction. If Findari ever takes on a mortal form, she is dressed mostly in light blue and appears as an ageless blond-haired woman, dancing even where others might be lost in despair. Music and fine arts are her preference, as long as they are not enforced by rules but rather are used to express personal thoughts and feelings.


Findari's believers were always few, since she never cared much about temples and being worshipped. It is said that she still chooses some rare followers herself to become visionaries or wandering prophets, or perhaps even great bards and artists. As with all the Elder Gods, she is worshipped at the Temple of the Five, east of Galmair. There is also the Chapel of the Five, east of the Kantabi Desert, where the name of the Five is held in honour. Sailors of Runewick are known to pray to her, but more in fear of storms than true admiration. Over time many of Findari's followers have converted to Adron in the new temples.

Findos - Month of Fine Arts

Findos is when the early harvest starts and at this time of year the fields around Runewick and Galmair are a hive of activity. As the peasants are busy working during Findos, few festivities are known at this time of the year. Findari is fine with that, as freedom from recurrent obligations matters more to her than being worshipped. Also know as the month of fine arts, many an entertainer finds this time free from the rigidity of official performances allows their creative spirit to flow and many a masterpiece originates during Findos.

Sign of the Zodiac - The elegant Falcon

The Elegant Falcon

Falcons are full of bold beauty and attract a lot of spectators. They are creative and inventive with obvious flair. Artistically talented, they love music, painting, and other arts. Many varied wishes slumber under their thin shell of reason and as a result they may seem flighty. An elegant Falcon tends to be very curious and sometimes impertinent - they can afford to be. They might be fickle, but one thing they will never be is boring.