Nargùn - God of Chaos


argùn is the god of chaos and fortune. Extremely intelligent and quick-witted, Nargùn enjoys play and has a love for clever riddles and funny tricks. Often friendly and of good humour he enjoys the attention his games bring but his favour is fickle and his tricks can turn mean. His dark moods make him quick to put people in their place and show them how small they really are with clever revenge, public humiliation, or even destruction. Blessed by his hand everything becomes possible as chance can tilt in odd ways, with good or bad outcomes. Those who claim to have seen Nargùn will only ever have seen him in disguise and his true manifestation remains unknown to mortals. Often he presents as a dark rogue or thief, nobly dressed in tasteful, black clothing and sometimes adorned with earrings. Many fear the sight of ravens, believing them to be spies of Nargùn, or even that he appears himself as a huge black raven. A black feather in the path of some will bring on dread of impending bad fortune wrought by the hand of a madman.


Although Nargùn is one of the three patron gods of Galmair, true followers are rare. Most simply avoid mentioning the name of Nargùn in hope of not attracting his attention. Of those that actively worship him, many will not admit to it, but rather pretend something else. His followers believe in complete chance and that everything in the world happens accidently, thus fortune and pleasure can only come from taking a big risk. Many gamblers pray to Nargùn in hope of improving their chances of a win and the altar in the Game Room in Galmair is dedicated to him. Jesters might aspire to his trickery, whilst the vengeful and despairing may offer him fervent prayers to turn their life around.

Only a few mad prophets, hermits, babbling idiots or orc shaman claim to be chaos priests. Their belief seems to grant them a different perspective on life and their wisdom should not be dismissed so easily as there is often a thin line between insanity and genius. Set deep in Elstree Forest, a temple of incongruous objects may draw intrigue from a curious traveller but only understanding from the chaotic mind of a Nargùn follower. Those who dare to follow Nargùn, whether they be brave or foolish, may pay a high price for their precarious position as his favour is fickle and changes with the wind.

Naras - Month of Four Winds

Named after Nargùn, Naras, the month of the four winds is marked by changeable weather, with warm and sunny days broken up by icy hail storms. During Naras, it might even snow in the Kantabi Desert, despite the searing heat which ordinarily lasts every season. In the lands of Salkamar and Gynk, renowned for a lot of winter rain, rainbows might be seen during Naras from time to time as bright sunlight unexpectedly penetrates the gloom. The month of Naras is known for quick, and sometimes dangerous, changes in the weather, especially close to the coasts where a freak wave might whip the unsuspecting traveller out to sea. Dark clouds and fickle winds all too often torment the unwary. One is advised to be prepared for any kind of weather when leaving Runewick and wandering along the coast towards Galmair. The weather of the Kantabi Desert is more predictable, as the mountains shelter the land against the moods of Nargùn.

Sign of the Zodiac - The sociable Raven

The Sociable Raven

Chaotic people born of the month of Naras have a love for gambling and often posess a very unconventional sense of humour. It is difficult to assess them, and almost impossible to predict them, other than to know they greatly enjoy putting themselves in the center of attention. Their humour is fair and they tend to enjoy the company of others but sociable Ravens are known to be badly organised and disruptive. Often fond of playing tricks and capable of humiliating those that offend with clever word play, others may not be so comfortable around them. They make for arrogant contestants in jousts who win by underhand means, but are sure to celebrate their victory generously with all spectators.