Irmorom - God of Trade and Craftsmanship


rmorom is the god of craft and trade. He is typically considered to be a fair and honourable god who remains neutral in most mortal matters, favouring the law to keep his work safe and allowing business and industry to thrive. Irmorom has a love for fine craftmanship and gold. He is good natured, sociable, talkative, and unlikely to refuse a good beer. It is rare that a thief would find favour from Irmorom, as he believes in a fair trade rather thatn the stealing of riches from others. It is said that his appearance is that of a grey haired dwarf with grey skin of an almost stone-like nature, or occasionally a man, adorned with a smithing apron and a mighty hammer.


Those who follow Irmorom are usually characterised by being either a dwarf, craftsman, or merchant, or in some cases all three. He is prayed to for protection whilst labouring, fine workmanship, good business and wealth. Irmorom, considered by some to be the primary god of Galmair, is worshipped in a temple raised in the mountains on the western edge of town, close to the Well of Dreams; this is the only altar not found underground in Galmair.

His followers often honour him with both prayers, and offering some of their finest and most valuable crafted goods at the altar. It is also not uncommon to see competition between his followers, to determine who is blessed more, through their crafts. Though the followers of Irmorom are usually dwarven, it is not uncommon to find other races, primarily craftsmen or merchants, worshipping Irmorom as well. Many will rally behind the symbolic hammer although few would see reason to distrust a gathering of jovial craftsmen or hardworking vendors. When a follower of Irmorom passes, it is said that they are brought to his mountain hall. There, they are to produce their finest piece of their work. If they impress Irmorom, they are sent on to paradise, and if they fail his test they are returned to the land, to try again to learn to create something of value.

Irmas - Month of Trade

Irmas is named after Irmorom, god of craftmanship and trade. From the 1st to the 8th Irmas, Galmair celebrates a great festival with parading craftsmen and merchants. In Cadomyr, a less raucous feast of craftsmen and merchants is also celebrated from the 1st to the 4th Irmas. Every big city across Salkamar, Gynk and Albar also has the largest market day of the year during Irmas. The dwarven kind of Sevenhill host a competition for crafters called The Golden Hammer, which starts on the 12th Irmas. Contests for different crafts are held over three to four days; the five days after are for celebrating and drinking while another good part of the month is necessary to sober up again.

Sign of the Zodiac - The busy Capricorn

The Busy Capricorn

Busy Capricorns are masters of trade and are usually successful merchants or craftsmen. Material goods and wealth are close to their hearts and everything has a value. They are talkative and sociable, making them excellent conversationalists in any company. With the banter of some merry Goats, a dark tavern is soon turned into a vivid, thriving establishment. They can be impulsive and impatient, but they are rarely unfair and honour a good barter. Nonetheless they are greedy by nature so don't expect the bargaining to fall in your favour unless their impetuous nature leads them to overreach with a rare bad deal.