Malachín - God of Battle and Hunting


alachín is the god of battle and hunting. While accepting of civilisation in general, he is often considered to be more at home away from the towns, favouring the wild beauty of nature, be it an untouched forest or lonely mountains. Malachín is considered to be dignified and honourable, but also neutral and serious. He is not known for a sense of humour, but does have one. He favours law, justice and proper manners. He harbours a deep distain for those that would cheat. When wandering the lands, he is seen as either a strong, grey haired knight in shining armour, or a brown haired ranger in green clothing. Sometimes he appears to assist a good solider, to ensure a fair fight between warriors, or simply to enjoy the comradeship of battle. Conveying his appreciation for the natural order of the world he is often portrayed as a black wolf.


Many follow the honourable Malachín. Soldiers and knights pray for valour and protection in battle, rangers and hunters hope for successful tracking and a swift kill, and paladins appeal for fortitude and a powerful strike against evil. Some honourable orc tribes pray to him to ensure food from hunts and protection in defending the tribe's territory. As Malachín celebrates the hunt, so too do his followers, using the hunt as a proving ground for their devotion. Offerings to Malachín are often the cleaned and dried remains from a hunt or a prise from the battlefield. In the honorable city of Cadomyr where Malachín is one of three patron gods, a temple dedicated to him can be found above the Cornerstone of Candour.

Followers of Malachín believe, that when they die they will be led to the door of a great castle where there will be a great feast for them, and Malachín will ask them what they did in life. If they tell an honourable and true story, they are invited to sit with him at the table with the great heroes for that evening. The next morning, they will stand and fight a battle against Moshran's demons. If a soldier shows great valour in these battles, he will be sent back to the world to assist righteous paladins or soldiers (sometimes famous ones, or even orc shamans) in battle or as a spiritual mentor. Occasionally, a fighter or even a great hero will be sent back to be reborn to fulfil a righteous purpose in times when heroes are needed. Doom awaits those who dare to face Malachín when they are liars or have lived a dishonourable life. They are denied a seat next to the god and instead their soul is condemned to wander under Cherga's merciless gaze for ever more between the mortal plane and the afterlife.

Malas - Month of the Hunter

The month of Malas was named after Malachín, god of hunting and honourable battles. Orcs are known to depart from civilised places such as Cadomyr or Galmair during Malas and gather at their ritual places. Orcish shamans initiate dances, recalling old tribal customs of the orcs. Also, in the plains far away from Illarion, the descendants of the Serinjah people hold huge gatherings of all tribes, starting on the 4th Malas and continuing over twenty days.

Sign of the Zodiac - The brave Wolf

The Brave Wolf

Those born in the month of Malas are honourable and greatly value a good fight. Brave Wolves are always daring, dignified, and helpful. It is seldom for them to rest and they work well with others striving for the same goal. They are compliant and readily follow orders but also possess a certain noble quality with broad perspectives of a wide horizon. With high morale and an infectious fighting spirit, determined Wolves are powerful leaders of their pack. Often, however, they can become stubborn and sometimes snap with a ferocious temper. Many captains and generals are known to be born in Malas.