Cherga - Goddess of Spirits and the Underworld


herga is the goddess of spirits and the underworld. She is the one who collects the dead and brings them to her realm. Neutral and dignified, she favours balance. She continues her neverending collection of the dead with much solemnity, rarely revealing any emotion. Although associated with death, she is generally peaceful and always serious. Many try to avoid displeasing her, as she is the guide to the underworld and when angered her rage is merciless.

Though relatively uninvolved in the matters of the living, aside from the end, she does find favour in justice, be it dispensed by the other gods or left to her discretion. She cares little for the living and does not like to be disturbed by the frivolous reasons of mortals. On the rare occasion she interacts with the living, she appears as a dark or grey haired ageless woman with grey skin and dressed in black, as an old haggard witch, or a gypsy foretelling the future. Her appearances are often linked as a bringing of doom or unwelcome news.


There are few true followers of Cherga, although as all will meet her in time she is held in universal regard. Prayers to Cherga are often fixated upon the prevention of a death, removal of disease, and proper guidance of the dead. Many people who follow Cherga seek to gain immortality. Others pray to her for forbidden knowledge and power over the undead, occasionally to give eternal rest to the restless, or less honorably to exploit the undead for their own gain. Many necromancers are followers of Cherga, praying to her for guidance. Fortune tellers as well may seek insight into the mortality of others. Cherga does not care what the mortals do with the knowledge, and most of this knowledge has a high price.

Followers of Cherga believe that when they die, they can choose to live on as a lich or skeleton, or serve Cherga in helping to direct the souls of the dead to their final destination, until they themselves will be reborn and allowed to start a new life. Cherga is rarely worshipped in public, but in every realm of Illarion, there are pillars that were erected in her name. At these pillars, her power is most noteable and the souls of those who were denied entry to her realm - for whatever reason - tend to materialise at these pillars anew. An altar dedicated to Cherga also lies in the graveyard on the Pauldron Isle but few would dare venture there alone.

Chos - Month of Commemoration

Chos was named after Cherga, the "Grey Mistress", who collects the souls of the deceased and brings them into the world on the other side of death. Dark and cold winter days remind people of their vulnerability and sickness strikes more readily. Many living in areas where it snows are unable to farm and depend on supplies gathered during the year. Even in the warmer south of Illarion where snow is extremely rare and in some places completely unknown, Chos is a time for reserved living and commemoration of the dead. Almost all races, people and creeds hold a memorial day to remember the deceased during Chos. Followers and priests of Cherga often hold ceremonies in well-heated chapels within cemeteries.

Sign of the Zodiac - The serious Bat

The Serious Bat

Those born under the sign of the serious Bat seem calm and proud, perhaps even aloof at times with their cool exterior. They draw attention to themselves with their dignity, sophisticated appearance, and earnestness. Bats are often highly honourable and are strong upholders justice without any tendancy towards tenderhearted mercy. Should one enrage a Bat, one would be advised to seek protection with some urgency for their own safety. It is rare to see any Bat cracking a joke or barely breaking a smile as everything to them is deadly serious. Town guards and judges are typically born in Chos, but equally some less honourable but similarly resolute individuals are born of this month.