Oldra - Goddess of Life and Fertility


ldra is the goddess of life and fertility. As such, the prayers to Oldra are focused upon growth of crops and good food, birth and raising of children, as well as healing and motherly advice. Oldra is considered by many to be a motherly, or even grandmotherly god, offering advice and protection. Known to be wise and gentle, she is good natured and helpful, often listening to the needs of women. When she does walk the lands, she is seen as a stout and elderly woman, often wearing a blue dress. She is symbolised by some as a Bradamen tree, known for longevity with a trunk of immense girth supporting many boughs and a multitude of branches and leaves. She favours simplicity and humility, drawn to life in the fields and peasantry in general, where she can appreciate well fed animals, growing vegetables and sharing a good meal. Those who are greedy, selfish and seek only to fulfil their own ambitions displease her.


Followers of Oldra are often farmers, prospective mothers, midwives, some druids, as well as many halflings. Some halflings even venerate her as the ‘All-mother’ and consider her to be the source of all life. Her followers are often grand cooks, skilled healers, and compassionate peasants. As such, the altar dedicated to Oldra in Yewdale, within the territory of Runewick, is often surrounded by crops and well cooked meals. Others may leave offerings to find blessing at her altar deep in Sentry Forest, a place known as Oldra's Corner. Her followers are called to great kindness and tenderness, to treat others well, unless the life of their loved ones is threatened. Most of her priests are female, serving from a young age for the duration of their lives.

Followers of Oldra believe that when they die, they are taken to a holy land of beautiful gardens, crop-filled fields and well fed animals, where Oldra greets them at a gate. If they have been good in life, welcoming and hospitable, Oldra invites them through the gate, where they will enjoy delicious food and meeting old and new friends, all whilst looking at the never-ending wonder of her garden. If they were bad, however, they are granted a short rest outside the garden before being granted a new life as a child, so that they can make sense of the world.

Olos - Month of Harvest

Olos, the month of harvest, was named after Oldra and all across Illarion, the 24th Olos is celebrated as a thanksgiving day. It is a widely known as a day of festivities amongst all the races except for the lizards who have little knowledge of farming and the harvesting of crops in their traditions and culture. Lizard settlements usually ignore this day, but many a lizard has joined the celebrations when travelling from their homelands. The priests of Oldra pronounced this day in Olos, as a blessing from the goddess herself but in all liklihood the weather conditions, and therefore the harvest season, define the date.

There are some local differences in how the festivities are celebrated, but they are usually done with processions, followed by religious speeches and grain or fruit sacrifices. These acts of thankfulness end with a big feast in the evenings. In poor settlements especially, this day is looked forward to because it is one of the few days that brings nourishment in satisfying amounts. These traditions are frowned upon in Albar, the origin of Cadomyr's ruling family, since the worshipping of Oldra and any other female deity has been forbidden for over five hundred years. A thanksgiving feast is tolerated but it is forbidden to say or express the name "Oldra" in any form. In Cadomyr, celebrations are not prohibited but as farming is doomed to fail in the desert realm, little recognition is given to the the festival.

Sign of the Zodiac - The lovable Dove

The Lovable Dove

Especially lovable are the compassionate Doves. Their mothering and empathetic nature entices many people to share their troubles with them. They love to watch things grow, are full of vitality, and steadfast as well as dignified. A Dove will share all they have with those who are in need, but their naivety can also leave them vulnerable to exploitation. With all the good will in the world, nevertheless, a lack of critical self awareness leads some Doves to become stiflingly overbearing when offering advice and sometimes it might be best to remain silent to allow others to grow and make their own mistakes in life.