Adron - God of Festivities and Wine


dron is the god of festivities and wine, much revered in taverns and inns across Illarion. Although often passive, particularly about the future, Adron can also be impulsive and on occasions aggressive or melancholic. He will not hold from speaking his mind, sometimes causing offence, but those who listen will find a depth of hidden knowledge. Usually he will appear as an attractive and charismatic young man, dressed in green or brown who loves to socialise. He may also take on the appearance of a ragged, drunken, old beggar with a clay bottle of wine that seemingly never runs dry. With a love of celebrations, anybody who dares to quash festivities or cut the supply of wine can expect to feel his wrath.


Adron's followers are mostly those who depend on wine for their livelihood, from vineyard owner to tavern keeper. They pray for good growing seasons, bountiful harvests, perfect vintage, full taverns, and enough barrels of wine to go around. It is not uncommon for Adron’s likeness to be found in taverns or marked on casks of the finest wines. Drunks who find their bottle to be dry may also offer a desperate prayer for more wine. In Runewick, where Adron is one of the three recognised gods, there is an altar dedicated to him in the tavern, whilst patrons of the Hemp Necktie Inn can leave offerings at an altar behind the tavern.

Typically the younger generations of different races are attracted by Adron. His often youthful appearance, nonchalant way of life, and blunt approach to problems, best mirrors the outlook of the carefree young. With maturity comes responsibility and many of the beliefs held dear in youth are forgotten with age. Some bards also pray to Adron, believing that when they die, there will be everlasting festivities where wrongdoers are condemned to serve others until they are enlightened.

Adras - Month of Intoxication

Adras, the month of intoxication, was named after Adron, the god of festivities and wine. A tavern feast is celebrated in Galmair from the 3rd to the 7th Adras and vintage festivals are held in many villages across Illarion. Even in Cadomyr there is a wine feast from the 17th to the 19th Adras, during which all citizens, even serfs and bondsmen, are allowed to drink copious wine and even get drunk, something usually restricted to the upper class. In rural Albar, nobles traditionally give out cheap wine in the taverns for free during these days. A story tells of a greedy Count who once watered down this wine for the poor and how he was struck by Adron's curse. Every drop of wine that touched his lips changed into water until he paid back for his lack of generosity tenfold.

Sign of the Zodiac - The willful Mule

The Willful Mule

Ecstatic festivals and good wine are the preferences of those who are born in the sign of the willful Mule. They are sociable, humourous, and straight-forward types but may be melachonic when things don't happen in their favour. Talented musicians and bards, particularly the renowned entertainers of the elite, are often found to be born during Adras. Many a raucous drinker with their less refined tavern songs are also found amongst their numbers. Despite all the positive traits of being a Mule, they tend to be reckless about the feelings of others and can be self-centred, prone to speaking their mind regardless of their company. Due to unknown, mysterious circumstances, the Mules are by far the most common birth signs throughout Illarion.