Ronagan - God of Thieves and Shadows


Ronagan is the god of the stealth, shadows, thieves, and assassins. He is often friendly and good humoured, especially to those in the shadowy aspects of life. With dark moods, howerver, Ronagan can turn aggressive. He lives life according to his own rules and dislikes authority and law of any kind. Ronagan's favourite pastime is pulling daring pranks to humiliate those who represent the authorities, as well as seeing one of his followers succeed in their 'job'. As much as he rebels against authority, Ronagan abhors betrayal. Claims of Ronagan’s appearance describe a handsome and charming, dark haired man in his thirties, usually dressed in dark clothing. Rumours have it that Ronagan has appeared to thieves in their times of need, often as a fellow thief, to guide them to safety, offer tips, grant the rare gift of invisibility, or otherwise lead their pursuers astray.


The thief in the night, the shadowy assassin with blade drawn, and the woman of mystery, all most likely follow Ronagan. Ronagan is not only prayed to by those most would consider criminals, however. Those born to the streets or otherwise find themselves in the underbelly of life will often turn to Ronagan for guidance and wellbeing. The poor pray for help to survive another night, to get a bit of bread, or that some mercy may be shown on them. Ronagan and his underclass live by a code all to their own with many of his worshippers considering themselves to be brothers in arms. Followers believe that he protects them and guides them to their next mark, helping them steal from the rich and avoid the authorities. It is also not uncommon for merchants to leave coins at his altar, seeking protection from the same thieves that follow Ronagan. This money is often collected as a protection fee by Ronagan's followers that tend the altar, and the word may be spread to watch out for the merchant.

Ronagan is a patron god of Galmair, where he is seen as both protector of the town's trade and wealth and facilitator of many secret dealings. A sunken temple dedicated to Ronagan and only reachable by boat can be found in the shadowy underground of Galmair. Other worshippers have been seen to disappear somewhere between the Dewy Swamps and Death's Stench, and there are suspicions a hidden temple may lie somewhere in the area. Upon death, a follower of Ronagan is brought before his castle and must try by whatever means to reach the main hall, the Den of Thieves, where they may enter paradise. If they are caught in their attempt, they are granted another chance and some may need multiple attempts. If they are particularly unskillful, Ronagan will return them to the living, where they are tasked with mentoring children in the street to steal, or to collect some item of wealth.

Ronas - Month of Generosity

Ronas, the second month of summer was named after Ronagan. Although Ronagan is known as the god of shadows, secrecy and thieves throughout much of Albar, Gynk and Salkamar, Ronas is recognised by many as the month of generosity. The plains folk of the Serinjah know Ronagan as god of freedom, fishermen and hunters, but also as god of secrecy and trickery. It is rumoured that there are frequent secret meetings of self-proclaimed Ronagan followers, or thief guilds, in Galmair during Ronas. This rumour remains unproven but has been told for decades, again and again.

Sign of the Zodiac - The artful Fox

The Artful Fox

Those who are born under the sign of the artful Fox tend to be quick-witted and have a well-developed sense of humour. They love freedom and will only releuctantly bow to laws or rules. They are often moody when they feel inhibited, and occasionally aggressive, so it is best to try to stay on their good side. Foxes will defend their ideals and strive to reach their goals, even though it may mean breaking laws or not complying with constraints of society. True libertines are commonly born during Ronas, but also avant-garde artists and jesters who test the boundaries of propriety. It is constantly speculated that Don Valerio Guiliani of Galmair was born in Ronas, but perhaps this rumour was spread with the intention to conceal that he is in fact a beautiful Butterfly.