Zhambra - God of Friendship and Loyalty


hambra is the god of friendship and loyalty. He is known to be amiable, sympathetic, righteous and honourable. Zhambra favours comradeship and discipline, showing much intelligence in both war and diplomacy. His strict nature abhors underhand behaviour and trickery, and he will strike down those who are disloyal or betray others. He will most likely be seen as a young and friendly noble, in shining armor. On the battlefields it is rumoured that he appears to save and protect loyal soldiers from dangerous situations. Equally Zhambra will incite others to act for him, creating friendships even in the most dire of situations and championing the selfless and loyal who put their friends before themselves.


Those who seek to worship Zhambra can find his presence in places of honour and law, so it can come as no surprise he is a patron god of Cadomyr and a fine temple has been errected in his honour close to the palace. He is often prayed to for protection of loved ones, friends, and in battle. His followers often come from the class of nobility but even the most lowly soldier will seek his blessing. Knights, paladins, and soldiers look to him to for fortitude as they protect and serve those around them. Zhambra is also called upon in declarations of loyalty and orcish blood-brother rituals. A follower of Zhambra who gives their word, is a promise almost surely fulfilled. His followers avoid deceit and disloyalty wherever possible, attempting to uphold all that is just and fair in the world.

When a follower dies, Zhambra counts out their friends, and when it is shown that they have been loyal and served their friends well, Zhambra leads them into paradise. Without friends, Zhambra sends them back to be reborn, create more friendships and to live a life of loyalty. Those who have betrayed others, however, will be challenged by Zhambra. Some stand always alone, too petrified to accept his challenge. Those who accept however, will fight on in an eternal battle until they die honourably. Only then will they be led to paradise if they have made friends, or reborn to try again.

Zhas - Month of Loyalty

Zhas was named after Zhambra, god of friendship and loyalty. The month of Zhas is a very busy time for peasants and farmers around Runewick and Galmair, working the fields after the replenishing waters of Tanos. Zhambra is a major god of the Salkamaerian pantheon and some towns in Salkamar celebrate a poetry-festival during Zhas, possibly inspired by an elven celebration. On the 12th of Zhas they celebrate a memorial called the "Day of the Cherry Blossom", to remind that nothing lasts for eternity. Elven legends tell of the division and fall of an elven house bearing the name of "Narnil" and the descendants of this house, the "Erume-Lie". Well known is a translation of an ancient elven song from the libraries of Nanuk Moonsilver:

"To the river I went alone,
Water to bail.
All around me delicately fell
The leaves of the cherry blossom.
With graceful ease they glide away,
In their dying beauty.
The water carried away the white splendor,
My heart to follow.
Freezing, the empty branches shiver
I am freezing in the wind."

Sign of the Zodiac - The pride Lion

The Pride Lion

Those born of the month of Zhas generally exhibit great reliability. Friendship is highly valued and Lions commonly seek comradeship with those who they can truly trust, forming close bonds that often last a lifetime. They are sincere and honourable with often righteous traits which may lead them to live as knights or paladins. To have a loyal Lion as a friend means you have a companion throughout your entire lifetime who will unwaveringly stand by you but will not hesitate to remind you with an honest word should you depart from a just cause. Steadfast Lions are resolute in their reason and belief in consequence, with those less disciplined prone to suffer under their inference. To betray a Lion draws immense wrath and appeasing them once angered is not so easy.