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Content patch

Dear players,

Today's update brings you the following features:

  • The repair NPCs are more game friendly.
  • You can milk cows and sheep by using empty bottles.
  • A new baking recipe was added.
  • Nests from which you can collect eggs have been added.
  • In order to fish you now need shoals.
  • The monthly output of magical gems has been reactivated.
  • Juices and schnapps are now stackable. Furthermore, you can label your drinks with a quill and also remove them from empty bottles.

We would also like to thank Grim for creating a lot of new graphics during the last months.

In addition to the new content there is a small client update. This update resolves a rare issue that caused the client to crash while walking around on the map. Also there is are some bug fixes for the crafting dialog. It’s now possible to close the category entries on the dialog and the progress indicator is working again.

The easyNPC editor also got some update. It’s now possible to create guards, craftsmen and arena masters using easyNPC.

The Downloader also got a small update that resolves a rare issue causing the Downloader to download the wrong version of an application. Please update your local versions.

written by Merung on 13. January 2014 08:00 pm


New Downloader, New Client, New Bugs


The new downloader for Illarion has now been released. Please read the installation information provided on the download page in case you have any problems, or ask on the forum.

Along with the downloader there is a new version of the client. This version contains a fully reworked version of the GUI library. The new version is faster, compared to the old one, but might contain some new errors. We are trying to resolve these as they are reported.

The new client also does not contain the major hassle of the old version any more. It is now possible to use portals and ladders without watching the client crash and burn.

The old downloader and client will remain usable for now. However, I suggest everyone switches to the new version as soon as possible.

written by Nitram on 31. December 2013 09:59 am


Merry Christmas

We wish all helpers, players and fans a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you for all your help and dedication over the past year. We hope for a successful year 2014 with many new developments, thrilling quests and much joy with Illarion.

The Illarion society

written by Djironnyma on 24. December 2013 10:24 am


Content Patch

Dear players,

Today's update brings you the following features:

  • The reload time for archers has been lowered.
  • A quest has been added to Runewick.
  • Spider queens and lichs may have a surprise when they die.
  • The guard of the main gate in Galmair is working again.
written by Merung on 19. December 2013 12:29 am


Deactivation of magical gem output

An error caused that too many magical gems were give out in Galmair. The output of gems is deactivated until further notice. Donations and taxes will not be wasted. They will be taken into account as soon as teh output is activated again.

Player who recieved magical gems in Galmair today are asked to inform the gamemasters by using !gm or sending a message to the GM group in the forum.

written by Merung on 17. December 2013 02:43 pm