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Revision magic boni and mali of items

With the update today the list of magic boni and mali becomes overworked.

It may be, that you are, dependent to the items you carry, now better or worse in your magic skills.
That is not a bug, it's a feature.

If you think, that something is still wrong, please report it in Mantis

written by kadiya on 28. February 2009 03:40 am


Special races applications

Due to the fact that we do not have any kind of automatic application system for the special races, we have decided that anyone that desires to apply for a special race can contact any of the GMs with their application.

You can apply for one or more of the following races:


Your application should include answers to the following questions:

How would you play the race you applied for? Specifically mention how your character would interact with others.

Why do you want to play the race you are applying for?

Just copy the questions and answer them by sending your answers to any GM.

The current GMs are (by boardaccount):

Arien Edhel

I hope all those anxious to get playing with these races are happy with the news. ;)

written by Mesha on 18. February 2009 05:03 pm


Homepage Update done

As some of you might noticed the update of the homepage is at the most parts done and nearly all pages work again without problems. Those problems that are still around will be solved within the next days as soon as they come up.

Now I also want to say thank you to all those who worked on the homepage but exspecially to the player of Achae Eanstray who worked really hard and created during the past month nearly every graphic the Design of the new Homepage contains dozens of times until no wishes were left.

written by Nitram on 16. February 2009 09:25 pm


Maintanance Work

A note from our housing partner (for our hardware server):

"... 17 February 2009 from 1:00 to 5:00 o'clock (German time) may your server not be available."

written by Alatar on 15. February 2009 09:28 pm


Update of the Homepage

Tomorrow, at Monday the 16th of Feburary 2009 a update of the homepage will be performed. For this reason the homepage won't be avaiable in the time between 7 o'clock am and 9 o'clock am GMT.

After this time the Update should be done and the homepage will appear in the new design that was developed during the past months. Beside of the new design there are many technical improvements at the scripts that load the homepage. But those shouldn't be noteable for the users beside of the point that the page could load slightly faster.

Sadly those improvements cause alot of problems with exsisting scripts. While we try to solve those problems before the update, I doubt that this will success for all problems that could occure.

Please bear with me if some pages won't work correctly after the Update. This problems will be solved in the hours and days after the update.

written by Nitram on 15. February 2009 01:47 pm