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New rules

In our ongoing development of every aspect of the game, also the social part of the game and its environment is affected. We felt that our rules were unclear on many fronts and so we saw the need to come up with some new rules that do not confuse everyone as much as the old ones did.

The new rules replace the old ones entirely. They contain some of the old rules with changed wording and some new rules clarifying situations that were not covered by the old rules.

In addition there is a code of conduct that describes the way we expect everyone to act within the community of Illarion.

You can read the new rules here: Click me!

They should speak for themselves. Please read them carefully.

written by Nitram on 12. November 2009 05:10 pm



Because the number of pregnancies increased alarmingly - especially by players who already have problems with 'normal' rp - it was decided, that pregnancies are only allowed for players whose account is older than 6 RL months.
This is retroactive.
For consisting pregnancies within the mentioned period:
Take it as a chance to show us good rp and to change the current state. It is not appreciated to end the pregnancy in fast-forward now and to force a baby-boom as well as over dramatical abortions.

written by Arien Edhel on 31. October 2009 12:37 pm


Server Migration

On Monday the 2nd November 2009 from 8 am to 1 pm (German time) our server will not be available due to a migration to a new hardware server with much more performance.

written by Alatar on 29. October 2009 10:25 pm


New NPCs

Just a few moments ago 5 more NPCs have been added to the world of Illarion, many thanks to PO Krull Karfang.

You can help Illarion too and even earn a forum rank by scripting simple NPCs!

Just have a look HERE or see all information in our WIKI.

written by pharse on 22. October 2009 07:38 pm



Dear players,

In our awesomeness we have decided to bundle up a great number of projects to provide you with the greatest update you have ever seen! As you may have noticed, nothing exceptionally new has been introduced in the past few months. This is due the fact that we have been working on a great number of new things and reworks of old stuff. This combined will form this marvelous update, but as you may know, many small projects together take up some time.

We know you are anxious for new exciting things, new innovations and just new content, but we have to urge you to wait a little longer! It will come in due time. Be prepared!


The Illarion-team

written by Mesha on 17. October 2009 09:15 pm