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Server update

Almost a year has passed since we released the last server update; today, there will be a new one. We removed some bugs and implemented some features, mainly to support automated quests.

written by martin on 17. April 2006 12:30 am


Release of the New Java Client

We are proud to announce that the very new Java client has been published on March the 3rd, 2006. Visit the download page and get the new one. Please note, that you will need an installed Java runtime, which is available on the website too. Afterwards just click the "Download / Install" button on the website and it will install 30 Megabytes of the new client initially. If we'll publish updates in the future so only the updates will be downloaded, never again the whole client as everytime before! This saves bandwidth for you and us and offers us the great opportunity to update much more than in the past. Okay, but what's inside the whole 30 MB?

  • A lot of brand new and much nicer graphics (using alpha-blending, shadows, etc.) with a more coherent art style and much more variety.

  • Smoother animations of characters and monsters along with a number of new animals

  • Number of graphics are NOT limited anymore as before

  • Compatible with almost all OS (Windows and Linux proofed, Mac will follow) instead of Windows only

  • Improved controls (user interface at all, context menus, crafting menus, tooltips and so on)

  • Complete, clear, new manual

  • Client and manual speaks German and English

  • Client can start in windowed OR full screen mode

  • New features like a world map, speech modes, prepared text, book reader, intelligent login dialog and many more (see the manual!!)

  • Much more stable on WinXP SP2! No more random kicks in the middle of doing things!

  • Auto-Update feature enables the client to be fixed and grow continuously

The client has higher demands on hardware resources and needs decent openGL support, so it may be difficult to run it on some older graphics cards. A known issue with the current server is a timing problem that keeps you from login in occasionally. So please ignore the "old client" error message and try again to log in.

It's still possible to use the old client for a while, but you will miss all things above and experience less!

Come to the new world of Illarion and see, hear and feel the incredible change. The beginning of real further progress.

written by Alatar on 05. March 2006 07:29 pm


Illarion-Desktop Background picture

Because of the close release of the new Java Client, we have - Just for you ! - created two small desktop backgrounds.
Our thanks go to the player Larissa Falkenbach, who drew the dragon.

You can of course find both desktop backgrounds in the downloads section.
Have fun with them ! can of course check the site daily for the Client release... :o)

written by Damien on 17. February 2006 09:02 pm


Labeled bags

From now on it is possible to label leather bags with a shortcut of three lower case letters. To do so just type the command !bag xyz (where xyz is the disired shortcut) and after that use the bag with shift+click. With using the command !bag you can remove the label again. Labeling bags is only possible if the bag is serving as backpack or placed on the ground.

Merry Christmas

written by Vilarion on 23. December 2005 01:36 pm


Another minor update

Our developers worked hard to provide some improvements for the game:


From now on, we have keys to open doors and gates and to lock them. The keys are given to the characters in question currently. Please note that these items do exist now, thus, they can be stolen, traded, lost...


Mining was improved again. To keep the balance, some things were made easier, some were made harder:

There are just 6 mines left where one can find ressources, all of them are underneath the surface.

Every mine has some sort of "topic" (Iron ore, copper, coal,...).

Rocks crumble if hit too often by a pickaxe, they recover slowly.

The time needed to mine was increased, it depends on the skill.
Higher rates of success.

written by Estralis on 16. December 2005 01:34 am