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Dear players,

Today's update brings you the following new things:

  • Links to outdated pages of the homepage were removed.
  • On the homepage, a page about the realms was published.
  • One quest of NPC Beror Oakaxe was changed.
  • Several animal spawns were changed.
  • Using the teleporter to travel between the Hemp Necktie Inn and your character's hometown is now free.
  • A new path is now to be used to travel between the Necktie and Galmair.
  • Triggers were added to the Galmair census office NPC for background on areas.
  • Various NPCs were given some new cycle texts to provide variety, and the newbie training NPCs were fixed to stop them responding to anything said or done near them.
  • A map bug that allowed liches to escape from the Galmair arena area and into the walls was fixed.
  • Resources and tools were removed from around the Queen's cube in Cadomyr and cave entrances leading to no caves were removed in that area.
  • Current in game graphics for the gold jewellery, gems, and gem powder, plus one item have been replaced.
  • Two minor bugs that crashed the client have been removed.
  • The view of bags and item containers now show the name and the description of the container.
  • The possibility of dropping items though transparent parts of windows has been removed.
written by Merung on 08. July 2014 12:33 am


New Installation Application


Again there is another major change happening for Illarion. We are taking the step to move away from the JAR-file that you have to download and double click to start using a proper installation.

On the download page you will find the required links for your operating systems to download the setup files. These setup files will install the launcher of Illarion along with a fitting version of Java on your computer. Also a proper integration into the start menu will be provided.

Users of Windows 8 and 8.1 will see the SmartScreen scanner of Microsoft that informs you that the application you downloaded could be dangerous. This is not the case. However, the scanner reacts because the file is downloaded very rarely. After clicking on "more information" you will be able to continue the installation. Hopefully this message will disappear once a sufficient numbers of people have downloaded it.

Along with the new setup files there is a update feature. The launcher will now inform you of updates that are available and will guide you through the installation.

Due to some changes in the directory structure, its likely that your settings will reset, but that will happen only once. The new directory for your user files is located in your home directory in the directory .illarion.

Have fun!

written by Nitram on 02. July 2014 12:19 am


New client version: and new server version:


A new update for the server and the client was just published.

The setting that controls if the distance of the mouse from the character automatically activates running now works again correctly. Also walking though doors that were just opened works again properly. The skill window has also been fixed and now shows new skills as they are learnt.

The bug that caused NPCs, monsters and other players to be shown while they were on other levels in dungeons and buildings is now also fixed.

Have fun playing.

written by Nitram on 29. June 2014 07:39 pm


New Launcher


during the last days there were some issues with the launcher application of Illarion. These problems are now resolved. Please fetch a new version of the launcher from the homepage. To do so simply click on "Start game" on the homepage.

written by Nitram on 29. June 2014 06:57 pm


New client version: 2.1.15

Hello Players,

It has been some time since the last release of the client was published. During this time a lot of things have changed in the client and now it's time for a new version.

Among the highlights of this new version is a fully new designed movement system. While the controls of the movement remain mostly the same, the mouse movement especially has been improved a lot. The client is now using its path-finding capabilities to determine a good path to follow the mouse. Not only the mouse movement got improved though. The controls in general got a lot of attention. Movement with the keyboard and even the targeting of enemies with the mouse got improved.

Player characters, monsters and NPCs are always displayed now, even when not in direct line of sight.

There were also a lot of bug fixes, especially for bugs that came up during the last weeks. The traders are now working again and the "You hear..." bug is resolved once and for all.

Furthermore there are some changes in the GUI. Skill progress is now displayed in the character window. In addition, the login screen got some attention and the displays for health, mana and food are now slightly larger.

Have fun playing.

written by Nitram on 28. June 2014 08:10 pm