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Change in GM staff and other news

Fellow Illarionites,
as you might have read on the forum, the GM team lost three of its members recently. GMs Naerwyn, Alsaya and Zak won't swing the trowel anymore.

The whole Illarion team thanks the three for their awesome work during the past years. Each of them gave the game a direction and future developments will still benefit from their legacy.

Thus, the GM team consists of the following members:

  • Arien Edhel
  • Estralis Seborian
  • Flux
  • Mesha
  • Randnar
  • Vaun
  • Zot

The whole Illarion team still works on a big update that will influence all aspects of the game. Recently, new developers for game content were added to the development team.

In addition, we're searching for skilled programmers, graphics artists and sound experts. For this purpose, we started searching for candidates on external boards. One exampel can be reviewed here:

We hope that we can hire new developers for Illarion this way to improve Illarion technically.

written by Estralis on 30. April 2010 01:18 pm


New rules & [april fools day]

Nothing is more constant than change - following this motto, the Illarion Gamemasters revised the server rules again. The content did not change too much, but we used a more clear language and reduced the length of the texts. You can review the new rules here:

Please read them carefully. Most aspects aren't new, though.

[APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE] Furthermore, the developers have decided that members of the Illarion e.V. society are granted access to a 2nd server (former testserver) on which the content that is already finished of the so called "VBU" (very big update) is playable from this day on. We came to the conclusion that we'd have to shut down Illarion without the financial support of the society members and thus, a 2nd server, exclusively for members, is a good argument for joining the society. To access the new members server, please refer to the how to on the Illarion e.V. board.

For normal players, nothing changes, Illarion remains free of charge!

We hope that these changes are welcomed by the community. Please accept that we have to make sure Illarion remains online and that we have to think about proper funding. [END OF APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE]

written by Estralis on 01. April 2010 01:45 pm


New Gamemaster

We are very happy to announce that we have a new Gamemaster.

He will be mainly active during the US playing time, which will hopefully lead to more activity during those times and will cover the US timezone even better. You can ask him for quest, send him your quest ideas or contact him when you have any problems with other players or the game.

So please welcome Randnar!

The Quest Team has now the following member:


written by Lillian on 30. March 2010 11:40 am


Lethal consequences

As there was a discussion about how to roleplay a resurrection and especially how long one should play being injured or unable to e.g. fight, one has now to face the consequences for dying too early after a resurrection.

If one dies within a RL hour after the last resurrection, the recovery time is doubled (compared to normal).

If one dies within the recovery time itself, the last recovery time is doubled. This means, that it will raise exponentially when constantly dying within the recovery time.

This way the engine gives a guideline for appropriate post-mortem roleplay.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM in the forum.

written by pharse on 25. February 2010 03:26 am


New Gamemaster

We are happy to announce that we can welcome two new Gamemaster in our midst. Both will be entertaining you with quests but can of course also be contacted when you have problems with the game or other players.

So everyone, please welcome our two newest Gamemaster Zot and Flux.

Our Questing Team now consists of the following Gamemaster:


Please feel free to contact any of them when you have ideas about Quest or need assistance in one.

written by Lillian on 04. February 2010 08:52 pm