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Bugfixes - Harvesting

There were a few reports about problems at growing and exspecially at harvesting plants in Illarion.

With the update that got just enabled in the server this problems should be removed. While a few things changed in the internal functions of the whole thing, the handling for the players of the harvesting should remain the same, just without bugs.

I would like to get some feedback about the effect of my changes, since me tests on the testserver were or a very limited nature.

written by Nitram on 30. March 2009 08:37 pm


Illarion offline

As some of you noticed for sure Illarion was not avaiable over the last days. This situation was caused by some evil guys who used a security leak in the board to put a trojan horse on the server. This trojan horse was used to put a pishing page for Visa in place. In order to reduce the damage caused by this page our domain got deactivated.

The time Illarion was not avaiable was used by us to remove the trojan horse and all its copies. Also we updated the board and the wiki to the most up to date versions to get a maximum of security.

We hope the server is secured again and the game can go on with out problems. Also I can say that there is no damage on the characters, playeraccounts and on the board.

written by Nitram on 27. March 2009 02:34 pm


Economist's Table

On tuesday, the 10th of march, starting at 18:00 GMT, I'd like to invite everyone to the Economist's table on the IRC chat.


Topics regarding the "Illaconomy" (economy of the game) will be discussed. Purpose of the chat is to evaluate and decide about basic, strategic(!) developments of the game. Technical questions or details won't be an issue. Visions and plans for the future are to be discussed, instead, taking the current state of the game as basis for discussion, only. The chat won't be a information fair about upcoming changes or innovations.


On 03/10 at around 18:00 GMT, click on "Chat" on the lefthand side or follow this link:

The chat will be held in english!


Please send topics you'd like to see adressed to me (GM Estralis) until 03/08. Please keep in mind that wild, unorganized babbling about everyhing and nothing won't yield any useable results.

Hope to see you around,

GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 02. March 2009 12:37 pm


Revision magic boni and mali of items

With the update today the list of magic boni and mali becomes overworked.

It may be, that you are, dependent to the items you carry, now better or worse in your magic skills.
That is not a bug, it's a feature.

If you think, that something is still wrong, please report it in Mantis

written by kadiya on 28. February 2009 03:40 am


Special races applications

Due to the fact that we do not have any kind of automatic application system for the special races, we have decided that anyone that desires to apply for a special race can contact any of the GMs with their application.

You can apply for one or more of the following races:


Your application should include answers to the following questions:

How would you play the race you applied for? Specifically mention how your character would interact with others.

Why do you want to play the race you are applying for?

Just copy the questions and answer them by sending your answers to any GM.

The current GMs are (by boardaccount):

Arien Edhel

I hope all those anxious to get playing with these races are happy with the news. ;)

written by Mesha on 18. February 2009 05:03 pm