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Minor client update


just now a minor hot fix for the client was released. The issue that caused the client getting stuck when calling the trading menu for some NPCs is fixed. Also a small error that caused the chat input bar to be switched active upon pressing the space bar is resolved.

Have fun in Illarion.

written by Nitram on 14. December 2016 08:12 pm


Development server for all!

Dear Illarionites,

in order to make development progress more transparent to you and make it as easy as possible for you to contribute to the future of Illarion, we decided that everyone can now create characters on the Development Server.

Just select the Development Server during character creation. In the launcher settings, you need to switch to "Development" in the client options. Log in to the Illarion Server and then pick Development Server from the server list to use your new character. To copy a character to the testserver is not possible anymore.

Note that the Development Server is for testing and development, not playing. We will keep you informed about new features you can test on the forum.


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written by Estralis on 14. December 2016 08:11 pm


News about the roleplayed lives of Illarion.

What happened the last week in game?

  • Sirani Temple Cleared - Lava turned to water
  • Slimy Science - Mage of Malachite infected
  • Undeads at Home - Scary awakening in the orc cave
  • Waterblossoms - Huge amount of herbs devoted
  • Hammer Falling - Cadomyr raids dwarven fortress

Details you can find in our newspaper Dagbladden.

written by Banduk on 13. December 2016 10:35 pm


Update of 13th December 2016: Major changes and additions to crafting

Dear Illarionites,

It has been a while since we rolled out our last update. The reason for this is quite simple; we’ve been working on something big again. Instead of an endless bullet point list, please find below a description of the major changes.

With this update, we release a major share of the content of development Milestone II. Around 150 new items were added to the game. All of them can be crafted by players, bought from NPC traders or found as treasures. All trader NPCs have now customised responses to trade related triggers, by the way. Many new armours, trinkets and clothes enable you to dress your character the way you want. We now have for every type of weapon and armour at least one item per ten levels.

All crafting recipes have been reworked from scratch. With the new recipes, every production step increases the value of the product, compared to the resources, in a comparable way. Some products generate more value from the resources than others, but all products are within reasonable thresholds.

All item prices were reviewed and adjusted where needed. Also, all weapons and armours got new values that reflect the new prices. The most notable change will be that some items have changed their level. As a refund policy, you can swap items that have changed their level with an item that has the old level of your item. Example: The scimitar used to be level 50 and is now level 40. You can swap it with a longsword that is level 50. Refer to the list, linked below.

If you want to see items of your characters swapped, write a private message or email to the Developers and identify exactly the items you want to see swapped by naming their item IDs. Only items that have changed their level will be swapped. Please mind that for technical reasons, we can only swap items in the inventory window (equipment, belt) of a character. For each character, only one swapping request will be processed.

With so many items, the Cadomyr daily quest of Philipp Molitor had to be adjusted. To establish a comparable coverage with daily quests, NPCs Anthony Devries in Galmair and Pesnar Rolemnes in Runewick offer similar quests now with complete quest logs. The latter NPC replaces NPC Gregor Remethar as primary source of faction favour on a daily basis in Runewick.

Another fundamental new aspect of the game is how intermediate production (e.g. sawing boards, casting ingots) works. Crafting menus will also be used for these activities and every action is now bound to the corresponding gathering skill (e.g. woodcutting for sawing boards and mining for casting ingots). We also have new static tools, such as a threshing floor, a stoneworking table and a kiln.

Furthermore, we’ve added a new craft to the game: Pottery. It is supported in Cadomyr and Runewick. At your local kiln, you can craft items made of clay. All skill points of former brick making skill were transferred to pottery. All these changes require some new skills: Tanning and weaving, digging, brewing, armourer and husbandry. As some of these skills cover actions that were formally part of other skills, you’ll get the choice to transfer your skill points of the old skills to the new skills.

We’ve also done some changes to learning skills. We got the impression that many players believe that Illarion favours a very passive style of playing. At the same time, one can say that skilling in Illarion is extremely time consuming. Therefore we’ve increased the overall learning speed and at the same time, raised the threshold of what is identified as a passive style of playing. This way, you learn generally faster but it won’t happen that you get several level ups by just one action anymore. Another change is that you now learn something from every action instead of having a random function that makes you learn a lot at once but only rarely. We think this is more fair and will have an impact especially on high skill levels.

The next big thing on our roadmap is gathering of resources. We have a detailed plan how to provide all resources in the game at a convenient rate. Currently, some resources are completely abundant while others are too rare, compared to their worth or use. A very first step is that you can gather the new rare resources silk and heartwood. Picking fruits won't increase the farming skill anymore. We’ve of course fixed the issue that caused too many messages being issued by the game during gathering. Also, skills now have a “negative” effect on crafting times, so they get reduced with increasing skill.

With this update, we also roll out several minor fixes and updates. The space bar now causes the character to use the item the character is facing. We also got two new books. Runewick NPCs now should behave correctly towards outlaws and food buffs should be more clear and work correctly now. See this Mantis ticket for details:

Further down the roadmap are magic and fighting. As you can see, there is a lot to do. If you want to help the team, please get in contact with one of the developers. We can use any kind of help, from reviewing concepts and spreadsheets over text work to, of course, coding. Our script language LUA is very simple and you can check out hundreds of examples. So if you grasp the basics of programming, you can help!


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written by Estralis on 13. December 2016 10:34 pm


Update of scripts and map

Dear players,

Today, we release another update for the game content. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • The food consumption during gathering, intermediate production and final crafting scales now with the action time.
  • High end products take significantly longer to produce. This way, you learn much more from the product.
  • The wear on tools is now unified between gathering and crafting. It scales with the action time.
  • The event Tanora's Blessing has been ended.
  • The old furnace graphics have been replaced with a new bloomery graphic, resolving bugs created from the old graphic. More than one player will be able to smelt at the same time with the new graphic.
  • The new NPC Boumaug Firesmash will send you discovering the town and surrounding area of Galmair.
  • The newer fern and reed graphics can now be harvested.
  • The tree blocking the view of the Alchemy teacher in Runewick has been removed.
  • Edible cabbage now has its own graphic. With these changes raw cabbage can now be eaten and cabbage on the ground will not rot to seed after being picked.

Enjoy the game!

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written by Sassy on 05. August 2016 08:29 pm