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Balancing the fighting system

Today there was a small update that put some fixes at the fighting system in place. Beside of the fixing of major calculation misstakes (heavy armors made you hitting faster), the effect of the armors and weapons got increased. The difference between weapons and armors should be visible alot more now.

Have fun trying the changes and I hope to get some feedback related to this update.

written by Nitram on 29. December 2008 09:53 pm


Merry Christmas

The staff of Illarion wishes a merry christmas to all players and pensive days.

Also we want to say thank you to the players who stay at Illarion over all the good and bad times and make Illarion at the end to what it is.

Merry Christmas

written by Nitram on 24. December 2008 02:13 pm


Magicsystem - More updates

Over the last day there were a few additional updates of the magic system. While this updates had partly effects that were not that good, it should work now without that negative effects.

The main target of the update was to balance mages and warriors more. In order to archiv this without making mages common targets there was a function implemented that increases the need of mana alot in case the mage casts rapidly. There are no differences in case the mage leaves some time between two spells. The next days will show if the mana usage too much or too less.

Also the magic resistance at monster attacks is now calculated in the same way as it is calculated at player attacks and its possible now to gain magic resistance by monster attacks.

The last addition to the magic system is the coup de grâce, known from the fighting system. It works exactly in the way as it works in the fighting system and is compatible with the coup de grâce of the fighting system. So you can knock down a enemy with malee combat and kill him with magic and vice versa.

written by Nitram on 14. December 2008 12:24 pm


New GM: Alsaya!

We have the honour of announcing another new GM among our ranks! Her name is Alsaya, and she is our newest German GM. However, her English is quite admirable, so she might also be considered our newest bilingual GM. Feel free to ask her any questions or the likes.

She will be a great addition to our already admirable list of GMs. Our full roster of GMs is now:

  • Aeghol
  • Alsaya
  • Arien Edhel
  • Estralis Seborian
  • Garou
  • Loralyn
  • Mesha
  • Naerwyn
  • Revan
  • Zak

Again, please welcome Alsaya!


written by Mesha on 04. December 2008 10:36 am


Magical gems

Monsters are now carrying rare magical stones.

You'll have to find out which ones on your own, by playing ingame or checking out our Illarion wiki!

These gems are very rare and will only drop rarely at first, so you'll have to work hard to get them.

To harness the magics of the gems, use them with your items to enchant that item. This should work with all weapons, wands, shields, tools and rings.
Rings can carry one gem and other items can carry two. Also, rings will only carry a gem of it's own type, so a diamond ring, for example, will only accept a diamond gem.

Warning: Once a gem is set in an item, it can't be removed, so make your decision carefully.

Each gem type has different effects. You can read about these effects in the Grey Light's Public Library. Also, every gem comes in different levels of power.
For example, a latent magical diamond increases the durability of the item while a unique magical di a latent magical diamond highers the durability of an item...but a unique magical diamond makes the item undestructable.

You can also raise the power level of a gem, if you have three gems of the same type and same level.
You can find out how to do that in the library as well.

Warning: There is a chance that a gem breaks when you try to trade them up to a higher level, so make sure it's worth the risks.

If you're wondering why the gems are so rare, our intension is to give long-term motivation to the players and another reason to enjoy hunting, other than just skilling up.

Try the system out for a couple of weeks before you give us input on what you think of it, though we'll be happy to have reports on any bugs or errors you might find.

Have fun :)


written by kadiya on 04. December 2008 01:46 am