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New GM: Alsaya!

We have the honour of announcing another new GM among our ranks! Her name is Alsaya, and she is our newest German GM. However, her English is quite admirable, so she might also be considered our newest bilingual GM. Feel free to ask her any questions or the likes.

She will be a great addition to our already admirable list of GMs. Our full roster of GMs is now:

  • Aeghol
  • Alsaya
  • Arien Edhel
  • Estralis Seborian
  • Garou
  • Loralyn
  • Mesha
  • Naerwyn
  • Revan
  • Zak

Again, please welcome Alsaya!


written by Mesha on 04. December 2008 10:36 am


Magical gems

Monsters are now carrying rare magical stones.

You'll have to find out which ones on your own, by playing ingame or checking out our Illarion wiki!

These gems are very rare and will only drop rarely at first, so you'll have to work hard to get them.

To harness the magics of the gems, use them with your items to enchant that item. This should work with all weapons, wands, shields, tools and rings.
Rings can carry one gem and other items can carry two. Also, rings will only carry a gem of it's own type, so a diamond ring, for example, will only accept a diamond gem.

Warning: Once a gem is set in an item, it can't be removed, so make your decision carefully.

Each gem type has different effects. You can read about these effects in the Grey Light's Public Library. Also, every gem comes in different levels of power.
For example, a latent magical diamond increases the durability of the item while a unique magical di a latent magical diamond highers the durability of an item...but a unique magical diamond makes the item undestructable.

You can also raise the power level of a gem, if you have three gems of the same type and same level.
You can find out how to do that in the library as well.

Warning: There is a chance that a gem breaks when you try to trade them up to a higher level, so make sure it's worth the risks.

If you're wondering why the gems are so rare, our intension is to give long-term motivation to the players and another reason to enjoy hunting, other than just skilling up.

Try the system out for a couple of weeks before you give us input on what you think of it, though we'll be happy to have reports on any bugs or errors you might find.

Have fun :)


written by kadiya on 04. December 2008 01:46 am


News from the magic system

Many noticed that the magic system was lately not really fine for everyone. Now today there was another update, that improved the scripts behind the magic alot. Along with this update there was a balancing of all spells. The most powerful spells are now avaiable to less powerful mages and got rid of the fact that they were casted in a perfect way in case they succeded. So flame circles and walls could get holes now and portals could lead to wrong locations or could collapse in case to many character went thougth.

Not less then 112 hand written new scripts were created since the last update of the magic system anf of cause that load of new scripts can't be free of bugs. This is the reason I hope for feedback in my PM box on the board and for bug reports in Mantis.

written by Nitram on 26. November 2008 02:23 am


Maintanance Work

A note from our housing partner (for our hardware server):

"... 27 November 2008 from 1:00 to 5:00 o'clock (German time) may your web presence not be available."

written by Alatar on 20. November 2008 09:27 pm


More changes at the magic system

Today there were another set of changes of the magic system. All of these changes have their core in a bug that caused the fact that humans were able to cast every spell at around 60% of the skill and elves even at 50%. This bug caused that many trouble that also the whole calculation of magic resistance was affected and infunctional.
And exactly this bug is fixed now. The effects are that the spells of mages will be alot weaker for the most mages. Also the magic resistance should work now far better. At least in the player-versus-player fight and in the fight versus monsters in case the player is the mage.

written by Nitram on 16. November 2008 10:59 pm