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Maintanance Work

A note from our housing partner (for our hardware server):

"... 27 November 2008 from 1:00 to 5:00 o'clock (German time) may your web presence not be available."

written by Alatar on 20. November 2008 09:27 pm


More changes at the magic system

Today there were another set of changes of the magic system. All of these changes have their core in a bug that caused the fact that humans were able to cast every spell at around 60% of the skill and elves even at 50%. This bug caused that many trouble that also the whole calculation of magic resistance was affected and infunctional.
And exactly this bug is fixed now. The effects are that the spells of mages will be alot weaker for the most mages. Also the magic resistance should work now far better. At least in the player-versus-player fight and in the fight versus monsters in case the player is the mage.

written by Nitram on 16. November 2008 10:59 pm


IRC Chat

As many of you know already there has been an Illarion chat room on IRC since years. A lot of you have never even been in this chat room because of the lack of a client to do so, or the knowledge to set up such a client.

So we have added a small Java application on the homepage that allows you to access the chat room as easy as possible. You can find the link to the chatroom underneat the link to the forum (in the navigation bar on the right).

You can also find it here: Chat.

written by Nitram on 15. November 2008 02:09 am


Small Update of the magic system

Today there was a small update of the magic system. The changes effect mainly the weaker spells of the system. Those spells got a slightly strength increase, but also a short casting time delay as its common for other spells. Now there should be no more spells a mage can cast at other characters without casting time delay.
Furthermore a bug in the system was solved that made it pratically impossible to interrupt a mage while casting. This is now possible again in case a mage gets attacked directly.

written by Nitram on 13. November 2008 06:54 pm


No more naming and shaming

Dear players,

The ways of reporting bad or offensive names have been discussed among the staff intensively, and it has been decided to change these ways.

Currently, players may report violations of the name rules on the general board. These reports get processed by Gamemasters (usually Arien) and tend to be discussed. Furthermore, this topic was viewed more than 100.000 times with more than 4500 replies. It is usually a hot topic on top of the general board.

The majority of names reported belongs to newbie characters. As experience has shown, the vast majority of players abandons Illarion after less than ten minutes. Thus, the majority of reported names belongs to already inactive characters. Furthermore, banning a newbie is the most effective way to make sure the newbie is never seen again.

Therefor we have decided to delete the "Another Name to Kill"-thread, and have decided to let players only report bad or offensive names through use of !gm or e-mail (You can also PM me, Mesha). This change has been done to avoid endless discussions on names, and to avoid newbies potentially seeing their names being degraded (which is terribly incentive for a newbie to stay in the game).

Also, a new change regarding the online-list: Newbies aren't shown on it anymore, only the fact that a newbie is online. So when a newbie logs on, regular players will see: "And 1 newbie" similar to how hidden characters are shown. GMs can still see new players, judge their names or scoot over to help them

We hope to have informed you enough,


written by Mesha on 10. November 2008 11:51 pm