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A new gamemaster

The Illarion-staff proudly presents a new recruit. GM Noradur will take care of quests and other ingame affairs. He will support the staff to the best of his ability. GM Noradur speaks german and english fluently, details how to contact him will be published soon:

Welcome Noradur, may the Five and the Eleven be with thee!


written by Estralis on 16. September 2007 08:56 pm


Server availability

Greatnet informed us that the server could be offline tomorrow (11.09.2007) between 04:30 and 06:00 (GMT+1), due maintenance work.

written by Nitram on 10. September 2007 02:43 pm


Problems with the E-Mails solved

The problems with the E-Mail transmitting in the last days are solved now.

The activating mails for game and board account are transmitted as usual now.

written by Nitram on 29. August 2007 11:31 am


Problems with the E-Mails

Currently there is the problem that our server is unable to transmit E-Mails.

The registration for the game and the board is a little harder due this fact. As long as this problem is not fixed the accounts have to be enabled by hand. This will happen as fast as possible.

We ask for appreciation for this necessary delay.

written by Nitram on 25. August 2007 12:03 am


Moving the server

As we already announced, the server will be moved from the Technical University of Vienna/Austria to a professional hoster in Munich/Germany (Greatnet).
This will happen today at about 1 pm (CEST). The server will probably be online again on saturday.

written by martin on 17. August 2007 10:13 am