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New front page text

Fellow Illarionites,
as some of you might have noticed: The text on the front page was rewritten to reflect the current situation of Illarion.

Also, the "very big update" is now announced on the front page. This update will not only replace the entire game engine but the whole game content will be reworked as well.

GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 28. June 2012 12:04 pm


IRC Chat

Hello Fellow Illarionites.

The IRC chat web client is now fixed and ready for use. You can find it on the Chat page.
Javascript will need to be enabled and if there are any issues then please post them on the support forum.

Kind Regards

written by Raelith on 27. June 2012 01:13 am


Teamspeak 3 Server

Dear Illarionies,

Illarion hosts since some time a teamspeak 3 server. This server was used mainly by the developers of Illarion until now.

Now we want to open this server for all players of Illarion to establish a new communication platform for chats between players and the staff of Illarion.

The server informations follow:


written by Nitram on 12. June 2012 10:55 pm


Illarion and Java 7

Fellow Illarionites,

Since a few days the version of Java that is proposed by Oracle is version 7u4. We advice all players against updating to this version and stick for now to Java 6.

One thing is that the Client for the game server is not confirmed to work stable with Java 7. Another thing is that there are massive problems with Java 7 and Windows Vista and Windows 7 that result in Java being unable to connect the the server in case the computer doesn't use a IPv6 connection to the internet. And such connections are rare at the moment.

written by Nitram on 06. June 2012 11:36 am



Fellow Illarionites,
the old and obsolete frequently asked questions (FAQ) were replaced with an up to date version. Have fun reading!

The new FAQ

Typos, misunderstandings and problems are reported best using the Mantis bugtracker.


GM Estralis

written by Estralis on 15. May 2012 12:36 pm