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Client has been upgraded to 3D mode

Finally we can proudly announce, that Illarion has now full 3D support and will from now on be able to switch to 1st person perspective in your client. In many overnight sessions martin converted all graphics to 3D meshes and built many anew, where the original mesh was missing. To enable this feature, all you have to do is pressing the buttons "3", "D" and "F11" at the same time. Unfortunately beta testers reported, that the rarely used graphics adapter 571RPA produced by Loof is not able to handle this mode, although providing 3D acceleration. Enjoy!

written by Vilarion on 01. April 2008 02:04 am


Merry Christmas

The staff of Illarion wants to wish all players of Illarion merry christmas and reflective days.

We are glad to see you if come to Illarion during holidays - some Christmas things are going to happen there...

Ho, ho, ho - Merry Christmas!

written by Alatar on 23. December 2007 06:02 pm


New startpacks

Yesterday a few new start packages got included into the Illarion Account System. Those startpacks were created by Banduk. We thank him for his work developing the new packages and hope that the packages suport the access for new characters into the game.

written by Nitram on 18. November 2007 04:48 pm



We just performed a minor server-update (the first one since the server is stable!). Thereby we removed the bug that was responsible for the server crashes in the past days which was caused mainly by magic spells that take time to cast.

Furthermore we removed the bug that lead to your hitpoints and mana getting stuck at some value (if it happens again, please let us know!), a powerful new command for the scripts was added, some spelling mistakes were corrected and we implemented the foundations of a system to be able to see details of a character or monster.

We also want to thank for your great contributions to the new Wiki and ask more players to join in and help!

written by martin on 21. October 2007 09:41 pm


Illapedia and NPC-language

Today I have news for you that are not directly related to server- or client-updates. Firstly, we set up a wiki and secondly we have developed a very simple language to script NPCs which is also suitable for non-scripters and non-programers.

The wiki should be used to help other players, especially new and inexperienced ones, to find their way to Illarion. That means that things you write there should be short and fitting for newbies rather than long and complicated RP-texts. A new player should find out what to do how in a very fast and effective way. Of course, you can also add detailed in-depth descriptions and tutorials for different crafts and whatever for more advanced users. Unfortunately, this wiki is very empty and not well-structured and a lot of translations (into german) are missing, we however hope that we can build something great together! Please have a look at what was done already to get a rough idea how to do it. You can find the wiki here:


The simplified scripting language for NPCs was already introduced on the main board. However it seems that a lot of people are scared off by the large number of available commands, some of which being a little complex and sophisticated. However, it is possible for everyone, no matter how inexperienced, to set up simple question-answer-NPCs! And this is what we would like you to do: Create some NPCs to make the map appear more vivid. It's up to you who these NPCs are, what story they have and why they are where they are, we totally trust in your imagination! ;)

Forum posting

Last, but not least a small comment: Lately we found that a lot of new players found Illarion. Some of them do have experience with roleplaying, others don't. We found that even players without roleplaying experience can become interested and good roleplayers when they receive a good introduction to the game. Therefore we added a new tag to the online-list, (N), indicating new players. If you meet one of these new players, be friendly, even if you find the name not to fit perfectly, help them and be polite.

written by martin on 20. October 2007 12:42 am