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Update of the Homepage

Tomorrow, at Monday the 16th of Feburary 2009 a update of the homepage will be performed. For this reason the homepage won't be avaiable in the time between 7 o'clock am and 9 o'clock am GMT.

After this time the Update should be done and the homepage will appear in the new design that was developed during the past months. Beside of the new design there are many technical improvements at the scripts that load the homepage. But those shouldn't be noteable for the users beside of the point that the page could load slightly faster.

Sadly those improvements cause alot of problems with exsisting scripts. While we try to solve those problems before the update, I doubt that this will success for all problems that could occure.

Please bear with me if some pages won't work correctly after the Update. This problems will be solved in the hours and days after the update.

written by Nitram on 15. February 2009 01:47 pm


New GM

I'm glad to tell you that our seer-team has got assistance.
His name is Vaun.
He is bilingual and he'll help us with the support of the players.
Let's give him a warm welcome.

written by Arien Edhel on 11. February 2009 12:36 am


Changes for food, cooking and baking

We have redistributed the values for all food items (both satiation and for the diet system) and the recipes for their preparation were adjusted accordingly. Now one can also carry the ingredients for cooking and baking at the belt and in the bag.

The items black berry, sand berry and red elder are now edible.
Orcs can eat raw meat, lizards raw fish.

The changes will apply after the next server restart.

written by pharse on 05. February 2009 09:17 pm


Good days - Bad days

Everyone knows the short messages appearing if one logs in that show how the character feels today. This messages were replaced by not less then 216 new, race specific messages.

Thanks for this work to PO Dariya, the llama-man and Zak. They created, translated and corrected all these messages.

written by Nitram on 25. January 2009 07:16 pm


Minor change with the druid system

As anouncend we changed the languages of the three druid almanacs. You can't read the books with ancient language any more.

written by Falk on 17. January 2009 04:16 pm