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New way to request an account

Hence you can request a new account only via this site. Emails to are for general account questions and have a very very low priority for processing (we got to much request per day currently). This is the same reason that at the moment NO more chars could be added to your own account via an email to

written by Alatar on 12. March 2003 09:06 pm


Update finished

Finally the Update is finished, and the gameserver is up and running again.
Hopefully this will solve some problems.
At least it simplifies some of the tasks of maintaining the server.

Have fun!

written by Shi'voc on 03. March 2003 05:00 pm


Big Server Update

The whole server will be offline soon for an unknown period of time.

written by Alatar on 27. February 2003 07:50 pm


Player online status

The number of online players and their names can be found at the homepage now - happy searching ... :)

written by Alatar on 22. November 2002 02:48 pm


New forum layout, viruses and emails

Players complained about the layout of the forum - they are right. Finally I found the time to recreate a new look and here it is - hope you like the more RPG-style.

Furthermore some people of you (or better your computers) are infected by viruses (e.g. KLEZ-worm). Please note, that any infected emails you send me will be deleted without reading them. I normally reply to every email, so if you don't get a response you will have a problem ... or - the 3rd point of subject - you sent an email where the content doesn't fit to the recipient address, see this website to get more information. In this case I really ignore (and delete) the email.

Ok, thanks for your attention and enjoy the game!

written by Alatar on 15. November 2002 07:46 pm