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Server Version and Client Version 2.1.11

Dear players,

The recent update conducted mostly maintenance work:

  • Preparing naming of characters for an upcoming patch
  • Improving design of the selection dialog
  • Solving minor errors with quest markers
  • Preparing a tool tip in trading dialogs for an upcoming patch
  • Correct number of crafted items in crafting dialog
written by Vilarion on 28. September 2013 02:24 pm


Dragons Call No. 29

New Dragons Call

Topics this time:

  • Successful alliance
  • Town guard founded
  • The way of Adron
written by Djironnyma on 27. September 2013 12:32 am


Server Version

Dear players,

a new server has just been installed. This fixes recent crashes. Furthermore the food bar is working correctly again.

written by Vilarion on 25. September 2013 08:55 am


Poll about magic concept

A poll was started in the forum about the future magic concept. Bring your opinion in!

written by Djironnyma on 24. September 2013 12:17 pm


Client and map editor hotfix

Today's hotfix fixes problems in both the client and the map editor.

Two critical errors in the client were fixed. Both caused the client to crash. One happened when your character used a portal or a ladder. The other one happened when the client received a dialog during its launch. Both problems occurred a lot these last days and they are now fixed. At this point I would like to thank all players who allowed their clients to send error reports to us. Without those reports it would be a lot more difficult to find those problems.

The map editor got an update of the directory listing. This is now not only a lot faster than before, it also does not crash the editor anymore.

written by Nitram on 20. September 2013 11:44 pm