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Recent changes

As you have probably noticed we have two new gamemasters. In alphabetical order, they are: Cassandra Fjurin (more of a technical GM) and Zarundamar (for in game matters). For reasons sufficiently explained on the boards, Keikan Hiru is not a gamemaster anymore.

Furthermore you will be interested to hear that we found and (hopefully) removed the bugs occuring lately (druids becoming magicians and monsters which did not behave very monster-like). Note that these bugs had nothing to do with the lag tests which we are currently conducting to analyze and solve the lag problem.

More than that, the bugs lead me to the next subject of this news entry, which you will hopefully appreciate: we are currently reprograming the server. In the past week, numerous new things have been implemented and tested. Not all of them are directly visible for the players, but they are necessary to make the code more flexible and implement new features more quickly. (This mainly concerns the scripting language)

But there are also changes which you will notice directly: There is a new command "!gm (text)" which you can use to inform gamemasters (whether they are currently online or not) of certain things (violation of rules and such). Beware: Abuse of this feature will lead to strict punishment! Furthermore there is a new command which enables you to give other characters individual names: "!name (number) Name". Please use that as a roleplaying feature which can, under some circumstances, substitute the #i-command.

written by martin on 08. June 2004 11:48 am


Just another lag-test

Attention please! We soon will start another lag-test. This time, we'll make it big. The maps, as you use to know them, are all disabled. Every building, anything else, you will only find pure empty areas.

Please join the test, move, interact, comunicate... The faster we get our datas an your feedback, the faster we can end this test.

written by Falk on 06. June 2004 03:36 pm


No new monsters

To analyze the lag problem we currently have, I decided to disable monster spawn for now (for about one day).
Please play the game as you are used to and tell us about your experience concerning lag during this period.

written by martin on 03. June 2004 09:49 pm


Attention, important announcement!

Because of some tests, we have to deactivate parts of the game from may,
26th until may, 27th. During that time, we want to learn about if and
how these parts are responsible for the current lag.
To get information, we need your help. Please enter the game as you are
used to, or even more intensivly, talk, interact, move, as you always
Please post your experiences concerning lag during that period (!!!) on
the technic-board, where we will open an according thread. (No
bug-reporting there or something alike, we are only interested in
postings about lag)

written by Falk on 25. May 2004 06:42 pm


Mails containing Virusattachments


currently there are mails circulating, that seem to originate from the (e.g. oder

Those were not send by us and contain viruses. So do not open mails, that contain .zip, .pif, .exe, .com and other attachments but delete them.

written by Gork on 08. April 2004 09:37 am