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Merry Christmas and a happy new year

The staff of Illarion wants to wish all players of Illarion merry christmas and reflective days.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank our players for staying with us, as one large community, in good and bad times alike.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2011!

written by Zot on 23. December 2010 05:06 pm


More database updates

The next database updates are planned to be performed now. This time the updates are not as critical as the last ones but they are still important.

In order to perform this updates its required to shutdown the gameserver and the board for a short time until the update is done. This is needed to ensure that the informations in the database are not currupted.

written by Nitram on 19. December 2010 02:42 pm


Update - Database and Forum

While the constant development and improvement of Illarion we decided to do some changes at the database and the forum.

The for sure most visible change will be the update of the old phpBB2 to the new Version 3.

In order to avoid unnecessary stalling of this update we will do this right now. To do so the current board will be locked and become unusable until the new board is ready. Due this update there will be no data loss. All boards, topics, posts, users, private messages and avatars will move to the new board.

In case anyone feels to urgent need to say something during the time the board is not available I propose to use the chat on the homepage.

written by Nitram on 01. December 2010 12:37 am


E-Mail Transmission - Temporary problems

Vilarion fixed today the problem the server had with the E-Mail transmission. This problem may appeared to you in form of error messages from the forum when sending a private message or a board post.

This problem was now solved. Sadly a little mistake happened there with the effect that all mails that failed to be send to since we use the new server where now send all at once. This means that approximate 10000 E-Mails were send at once.

This was now detected by AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph Corporation) and the Server of Illarion got flagged as a source of spam. This results that every computer connected to the AT&T net in any way is not now able anymore to receive E-Mails from Illarion. This also counts for E-Mail providers located in the USA such as Google-Mail.

We currently communicate with AT&T to settle this matter. But it may take a few days until this issue is solved. We hope everything is up and running again until Wednesday.

We ask everyone who notices that he is not able to receive E-Mails from Illarion by another reason as the one mentioned above to tell us along with the E-Mail provider you are using. In this case please send a E-Mail to vilarion.

The mails that are send to confirm new accounts will be send to you by hand using a different server. They will have some delay to reach you but they will be send anyway.

written by Nitram on 29. November 2010 01:34 am


New Gamemaster

We are happy to announce that we can welcome a new Gamemaster in our midst. He will be entertaining you with quests but can of course also be contacted when you have problems with the game or other players.

So everyone, please welcome our new english speaking Gamemaster Nomos

written by Zot on 05. November 2010 01:56 pm