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Illarion vs NVIDIA


As some of you noticed there is a major issue with the latest version of the NVIDIA graphics driver version 378.49.

Once this driver is installed, the Illarion Client will not start any more and it will show an error message during the launch.

After extensive checks, I am sad to say that we can't resolve this issue on our end. The driver refuses to create a hardware accelerated OpenGL display from inside Java.

The only way to get around this issue currently is to install an older version of the driver. The previous version 376.33 works without issues.

The error was already reported to NVIDIA and will be fixed hopefully in one of the upcoming versions of the driver. We'll keep checking new drivers as they arrive and keep you up to date.

written by Nitram on 27. January 2017 08:11 pm


Adras 50 - News about the roleplayed lives of Illarion.

What happened the last two weeks in game?

  • Wand out of Control - Mage lost control over her wand and injured Ranger during Runewick town meeting
  • Golden Pot -Dice Game in Galmairs tavern with up to 150 gold coins in pot
  • Dangerous Weather - Skeletons out of the fog attacked all three realms simultaneously
  • Flat and Walls - Long term construction projects come to an end
  • Funeral Disturbed by Prea - No respect for the dead
  • High Rents – Bidder cannot pay minimum rent
  • Galmair under Siege - Foretaste of Mas
  • House Moved - Serpent watches from the walls
  • Restrooms Overcrowded - Hunt over chairs and tables

Details you can find in our newspaper Dagbladden.

written by Banduk on 24. January 2017 09:15 pm


Update 15th January 2017: Wand magic, silk, and more!

Today, we release a new update. Here is an overview of the most important changes.

  • Wand magic was implemented. Mages are finally able to perform at least some magic again. In the General Forum, you can find a list with FAQs.
  • Roasting and smoking now fall under the cooking and baking skill.
  • Thomas Weste's and Zlatxhol's quests were adjusted to reflect the recent changes in crafting.
  • The hints of the day upon login were updated.
  • Silk can be found while collecting herbs. The rates for silk and heartwood are not yet finalised.
  • All towns now have all the static tools they need for supported crafts.
  • Minor bugs during eating were corrected.
  • High level weapons deal high damage again.
  • Slings are now a level 0 distance weapon.
  • Pure elements can be found in treasure chests again.
  • Cadomyr's wall was changed with an ingame event.
  • You can mine rocks by clicking on them again.
  • The bug was fixed that resulted in no monsters being spawned on the pirate ship.
  • The spelunker quest for NPC Obisidimine has been fixed so players can answer the question about the dragons name and continue on.
  • The Noobia map was adjusted to look more like a harbour.
  • The alchemy bug that resulted in edible items not being able to be added to the cauldron has been fixed .
  • Pig and cow spawns in Elstree forest have been changed to deer and rabbits. Appropriate quests have been modified.
  • Each type of fish now has its own smoked fish graphic.

Discuss this news entry!

written by Merung on 15. January 2017 09:35 pm


Downtime due to bot attack

Last night, Illarion was molested by the SEMrush bot. The extremely aggressive behaviour of that bot caused some parts of our server to break down. The first thing that broke was the PostgreSQL database, due to a faulty configuration on our end. We were able to fix the problem on our end. There was no data loss and all characters are fine.

After some fiddling we managed to block out the bot that was spamming our page. The database is working again as expected. The game server is starting up right now. We are back.

Have fun!

written by Estralis on 15. January 2017 01:23 pm


News about the roleplayed lives of Illarion.

What happened the last two weeks in game?

  • Dangerous Silence at Letma - Not a single undead skeleton visible
  • Angry Dwarves – Daemon skeletons near Hammerfall
  • Society of Farmers - Countrymen united
  • Books Disappeared - Librarian of Runewick perplexed
  • Rat Plague - Beer shortage expected in Galmair
  • Farmer attacked by a grotesque pale man or daemon
  • Goddess Olda showed her satisfaction at the harvest festival
  • Ex chancellor left Galmair to save taxes just two month after governing the town
  • Blacktusk clan agreed cooperation with the House of the Desert Fox
  • Escaped slave hunted by orcess

Details you can find in our newspaper Dagbladden.

written by Banduk on 09. January 2017 11:38 am