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Server online

Current problems have been fixed and the server is on-line again.

written by Vilarion on 18. March 2013 12:49 am


Technical Issues

Illarion had some technical issues with the server this weekend. It will be up and running at latest tomorrow. Thanks for your continued patience.

written by Flux on 17. March 2013 10:42 pm


New contents and bugfix update

Today we released another large update, which contains several bugfixes, new and improved features and several new NPCs.

New features:

  • The biggest and most important new feature is the implementation of new NPCs in every realm that help new players to find their way around and assign them some simple tasks. These NPCs will point the new members of each realm to quests and NPCs that will help to get to know the main crafts of the chosen town, its NPCs and the geography of the realm itself.

  • In addition to this, we implemented a quest journal, so that you can keep track of all information NPCs have given you. Not all NPC quests feature quest information yet - mainly the newest NPCs so far, but journal information for the other quests will follow soon. This can be accessed with the "J" key or the "Q" key or the pell button.

  • Also there is a new combat sound track created by Marvin Kopp.

Improved feature:

  • Teleporters now work with GUI boxes instead of dictating the name.

  • Percy the prison guard is now more generous when handing out food.

  • The monster spawns were redone from scratch. The homelands of the towns are now safer while the monster distribution in the wilderness became much more detailed.

  • Several adjustments in balancing prices, weights and the quality of items.

  • The frequency of interrupt messages while gathering resources was reduced.

  • The range of goods of some NPC traders was improved.

  • The diet system was improved.

  • Several crafts were newly balanced.

  • Improved internal communication of the Client to speed up the response time of the GUI.

  • Improved windowed client mode to support freely sized client windows.

  • The downloader is now able to continue interrupted downloads and got a better detection for corrupted downloads.


  • Several bugfixes in NPCs and quests.

  • Bugfix concerning the repairing of items.

  • Several bugfixes concerning the alchemy system and handling of bottles.

  • It was fixed that gems could be pleased in armour and ammunition. It is still possible to desocked them.

  • Fixed Client crash on Mac OS X when starting the client.

There were some difficulties with healing potions. This problem has been fixed. Some active substances had effects they were not supposed to. The messages about the potion effects have always been correct. But in some cases the potion had the opposite effects. To avoid confusion, here is a list with the active substances and their effects in negative and positive concentrations:
  • Adrazin: positive -> immediate hitpoints increasement; negative -> immediate hitpoints decrease

  • Illidrium: positive -> immediate mana increasement; negative -> immediate mana decrease

  • Caprazin: positive -> immediate food increasement; negative -> immediate food decrease

  • Hyperborlium: positive -> immediate antidote; negative -> immediate poison

  • Echolon: positive -> hitpoints increase over time; negative -> hitpoints decrease over time

  • Dracolin: positive -> mana increase over time; negative -> mana decrease over time

  • Orcanol: positive -> food increase over time; negative -> food decrease over time

  • Fenolin: positive -> antidote over time; negative -> poison over time

written by Lillian on 15. March 2013 07:57 pm


Content Patch

Dear Illarionites,

Today we installed another large update to fix many bugs and add many features to the game.

The game content has been improved as follows:

Bug Fixes:

  • Dialogue corrections and bugfixes on several NPCs.
  • Portal book merchants are fixed.
  • Treasure maps were fixed so that guardians spawn correctly.
  • Fixed quest requirements in several NPC quests.
  • Fixed cursed shields.
  • Fixed a bug with potion combinations.
  • Fixed filling buckets and bottles with water.
  • Interuptions for gathering has been reimplemented.
  • Rooftops were removed in the markets in Galmair/Cadomyr so NPC names are visible.
Tweaks and Improvements:
  • The map was tweaked and improved in mountainous areas and in two of the towns.
  • Crafting requirements for several shields has been changed.
  • The Quest of Zassaria was tweaked.
  • Barkeepers now trade empty bottles.
  • Characters now walk at normal pace in deserts.
  • High end items now require merinium.
  • Merinium prices have been adjusted to reflect the changes.
  • Gems are more prevalent when mining.
  • Food consumption was reduced in some crafts.
  • Gems are now only received by people who are at least rank 2.
  • NPCs will no longer reply with trigger text when a GM possesses them.
New Features:
  • New music was added to several areas in the world map.
  • The Wonderland questline has been expanded to be more challenging.
  • Mosaic shields are now craftable and wearable.
  • Quality of crafting tools have an influence on quality of end products.

written by Vilarion on 19. February 2013 02:22 am


Major Bugfix Update

Dear Illarionites,

this evening we installed an enormous update to fix countless bugs in our game and to prepare one or another new feature.

The server now executed timed events correctly. There used to be a bug, that those events were executed too early after re-logging. Furthermore a quest log was implemented, which you will be able to enjoy once the client displays it. Also a massive amount of texts have to be written for this.

The game content has been corrected and extended in many points:

Bug fixes:

  • Corrections and bugfixes on many NPCs and quests
  • Correction of bugged the quest reward
  • Correction of a trading-bug in several traders
  • Removal of a bug in the easyNPC framework that resulted in broken skill checks
  • Several bugfixes in the alchemy system
Improvements and adjustments:
  • Map improvements
  • Improvements on the monster drops
  • Cadomyr's ranks have changed
  • The item "wand of wind" was renamed to "wand of air"
  • The gem haul in mining was adjusted
  • The burning time of torches and lanterns was increased
  • The quality display of the ring of the archmage and the Large fire war axe were fixed
New features
  • Farming is now possible even in winter.
  • Added music for Galmair
  • Over 30 new books and parchments, including history and background information
  • Implementation of tax return system

written by Vilarion on 03. February 2013 09:04 pm